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Two tenths plus three hundredths plus one thousandth plus eight ten thousandths

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Q: What is 0.2318 expanded in word from?
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What is the definition of the word expanded?

The word expanded implies growth. Something that has enlarged, expanded or something that has broadened. Other words that could be used are extended or outspread.

How do you write 253 in expanded form and word form?

Expanded Form: 200 + 50 + 3 Word Form: Two Hundred, Fifty-Three

What is the expanded form and word form for 15030?

Expanded: 10000+5000+30 Word: fifteen thousand thirty

4.196 in expanded word form?

4.196 in expanded word form is: four and one hundred ninety-six thousandths.

Can you give me a sentence using the word expanded?

please find the expanded form for this

How do you find expanded numerals?

It is like expanded form just a different word for it. Like the expanded numeral of 23,400 20,000 + 3,000+ 400

How do you write 0.389 in word form and in expanded form?

0.389 in word form is is three hundred eighty nine thousandths, and in expanded form is 0.3 + 0.08 + 0.009

Another word for expanded.?


What is the expanded and word form of 5.68?

Expanded form of 5.68= 5.0 + 0.60 + 0.08 Word Form= Five point six eight

What is the meaning of the word ''reatile''?

the meaning of the word reatile is we have grown or we have expanded

What is the expanded form or word form of 22000000?

The word form is: twenty-two million.

What is the expanded form and word form of 950.95?

The expanded form is 900+50+0.9+0.05 and the word form is nine hundred fifty and ninety-five hundredths.

How do you write 0.6047 in expanded form and word form?

0.6+0.004+0.0007 for expanded for word form zero and six thousand, forty seven ten thousandths

What is the word and expanded form of 0.7?


Does the word expanded have a prefix or a suffix?

have a prefix

What are 2 types of forms?

word form and expanded form

Expanded word for don't?

Don't is short for: do not.

Write 100 203 in expanded form?

100 203 in expanded form is one hundred thousand two hundred three.

What is the expanded form and word form of 290043?

Expanded = 200,000+90,000+40+3 Word form= two hundred ninety thousand forty three

How do you write 5.916 in word and expanded form?

5.916 in word and expanded form:Five and nine hundred sixteen thousandths(5 x 1) + (9/10) + (1/100) + (6/1000)

How do you write twenty-two in word and expanded form?

The word form is 'twenty-two' and the expanded form (notation) is (2 x 10) + (2 x 1)

What part of speech for the word expanded form?


What is expanded form and word form of 63485?


What is the expanded form and word form for 30.013?

The word form is: Thirty and thirteen thousandths.

How do you write 2.08 in expanded and word form?

Expanded form: 2.08 = (2 x 1) + (0/10) + (8/100). Word form: Two and eight hundredths.