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It is the equivalent of 60/1

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Q: What is 060 in a fraction?
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Name 3 fractions that are equivvlent to 060?

060 as a whole number? .060? 0.60?

How many thousand of a inch in sixteenth of a inch?

+/- .060 = 1/16 "

What fraction is equivalent to 060?

fraction equivalent to 0.060 = 3/50.06 * 100/100 = 6/100 or 3/50

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1524 mm

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.060 acres = 2,614 square feet.

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.060 acres = 2,613.6 square feet.

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1.06 million = 1 060 000

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60 thousands

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0.0641 is 14 gauge.

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Yes allowable up and down movement is about .060 inch.Yes allowable up and down movement is about .060 inch.

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60 grams

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