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0 percent as a fracton is 0/100 so as a percent it will be 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000( it will go for ever)


The answer will always be zero.

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Q: What is 0 as a decimal?
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How do you do 0 percent in decimal?

0% in decimal is simply 0

What is 0 percent as a decimal and fraction?

Decimal:0 Fraction:0

What is the decimal for 0 out of 3?

The decimal is 0.0

What is the bigger decimal?

Suppose you have two decimal numbers, A and B. If A - B > 0 then A is the bigger decimal, if A - B < 0 then B is the bigger decimal and if A - B = 0, neither is bigger.

How do you write an equivalent decimal for a decimal?

add a 0 to the back of the decimal

How do you round 2229.66 to 0 decimal places?

2229.66 to 0 decimal places = 2230

What is an exact decimal?

an exact decimal must be with the number 0. in it or it is not exact.

What is 0 over 3 as a decimal?

the answer is 0

What is 0. as decimal?

It is 0, exactly as in the question.

Is 0.3 a decimal or decimal point?

0.3 is a decimal. The decimal point is the (.) between the 0 and the 3.

What is 0 over 2 as a decimal?

0/2 = 0

When multiplying a decimal by a decimal why do you get a smaller decimal?

You only get a smaller decimal if you do 0. something because your multiplying it by 0! oust like with the whole numbers, if you times something by 0 it gets smaller. only with a decimal, there's are still numbers less than the 0 so it gets smaller and smaller until you have a total of 0!

What is a decimal that's repeating digit is 0?

It is a terminating decimal.

Can the fraction 0 over 3 be written as a decimal?

0/3 is equal to nothing, so 0/3 written as a decimal would be 0

What is .09 rounded to 0 decimal place?

It is 0.

What is the decimal 0. written as a fraction?

0 x where x != 0

Can 0 over 3 be written as a decimal?

0 over any number always equals 0, so no it can't be written with a decimal.

What is 0.00385 to 2 decimal places?

the answer is 0.00 the third digit after the decimal point is 3 and is nearer to 0 than nearer to 10. therefore the 2nd 0 after the decimal point rounds to 0

What is the 2012th digital after the decimal in the decimal expansion of 881?

It is 0. As is every digit after the decimal point.

What is the decimal portion of the decimal 0213?

Between the 0 and 2: 0.213

What is the binary of decimal number for 123?

decimal [ 123 ] = binary [ | | | | 0 | | ]

Is is 0 decimal 23 greater than zero decimal 32?

No, it is not.

Where is the answer to a decimal that stops or terminates with a reminder of 0?

That's a terminating decimal.

What symbols form the basis of the decimal system?

The digits from 0 to 9, and the decimal point (or comma, depending on the country).The digits from 0 to 9, and the decimal point (or comma, depending on the country).The digits from 0 to 9, and the decimal point (or comma, depending on the country).The digits from 0 to 9, and the decimal point (or comma, depending on the country).

A decimal number for which the decimals come to an end is called?

A terminating decimal