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It is 0.1025

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Q: What is 10.25 per cent as a decimal?
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What is seven percent as a decimal?

Seven per cent as a decimal is: 0.07

What is 75 percent in decimal form?

Per cent means per 100. So 75 per cent is 75/100. In decimal form, this would be 0.75

What is two per cent expressed as a decimal?

0.02 is.

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What is 83 percent into decimal?

Converted to a decimal, 83 per cent is equal to 0.83.

What is the decimal point of 34.55 per cent?

34.55% = 0.3455

Why are probabilistic values always lying between 0 and 1?

Probability is a per cent written as a decimal. 1= 100 per cent 0 = 0 per cent 100 per cent means a sure thing.