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100 is composite.

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Q: What is 100 a prime number or composite?
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What number is 100 prime or composite?

100 is a composite Number.

What is the prime number of 100?

100 is composite.

Is the number 100 a prime or composite number?

100 is composite, because it has more than 2 factors.

Is 100 a prime number or a composite number?

100 is composite. 100 = 2 * 2 * 5 * 5 = 22 * 52

What are the prime factorization for composite numbers 1-100?

finding the prime factors of a composite number

What numbers between 1 and 100 are prime and composite?

There are 25 prime numbers and 75 composite numbers from 1 to a 100. A prime number has only two factors whereas a composite number has more than two factors.

Is 100 a prime composite?

100 is composite.

Is 100 prime or composite and why?

The number 100 is not prime because it can be divided by 10 as well as itself and 1

What are the prime or composite numbers for 100?

The factors of 100 are 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 2 and 5 are prime. 1 is neither. The rest are composite.

Is 100 composite or prime?

100 is a composite number because 1 x 100=100, 2 x 50=100, and 4 x 25=100Composite.

What is the difference between the greatest composite number and the greatest prime number below 100?

well it is how the prime you can only multiply it by on and the composite number u can have more pairs of factors hat the composite.

Is 100 prime or compostite?

100 is a Composite number. A number that has positive divisor other then number 1 and the number itself is called a Composite number. For example, 100 has divisors, which are 2,4,5,10 and so on. So it clearly defines itself as a Composite Number.

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