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120-159 in stone = -39

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Q: What is 120-159 in stone?
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What are all the names of stones?

Water stone, fire stone, leaf stone, Sun stone, moon stone, light stone, Dusk Stone, Oval stone, Everstone, and the Shiny Stone.

What stones are there in Pokemon?

Moon stone, Leaf stone, Water stone, Fire stone, Dawn stone, Shiny stone, Dusk stone.

Song Titles containing the word STONE?

Turn to Stone And It Stoned Me Tombstone Blues (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone Like a Rolling Stone Sam Stone Step Stone Too Rolling Stoned Stone Piano Stone Cold Crazy Papa Was A Rolling Stone I'm Stone In Love With You Heart of Stone Stone Love Like a Stone

If there are 20 stones evenly lined up in a circle which stone is directly across from the third stone?

It is stone 13.

What stones make Eevee evolve?

A fire stone,water stone,ice stone,dusk stone,leaf stone,thunder stone,and dark stone will evolve him/her.

What is ovins stone?

ovins stone is a stone

Is 8134 stone nearer 9 stone or 8 stone?

8134 stone = 113,278 Lbs. 9 stone = 126 Lbs. 8 stone = 112 Lbs. 8134 stone is closer to 9 stone than 8.

Where can you get stone in Minecraft?

stone can be found underground. you can get stone by smelting cobblestone in a furnace. you can get cobblestone from mining stone, but when you mine stone with the silk touch enchantment you get stone

When was Stone by Stone created?

Stone by Stone was created on 2006-10-31.

What stone is the hardest stone?

Diamonds is not a stone it's crystal actually. But the hardest stone is granite stone.

What kind of stones are in Pokemon Ruby?

Moon stone, water stone, fire stone, thunder stone, leaf stone.

What are all the stones in Pokemon SoulSilver?

i only know a few but im going to tell you anyway,Fire stone,Water stone,Leaf stone,Thunder stone,Dawn stone,Dusk stone,Moon stone,Sun stone,Ever stone,and Oval stone.That is all the stones i know.

What stones are in Pokemon Silver?

Moonstone everstone sun stone water stone fire stone leaf stone and thunder stone

What is an evolution stone?

an evoloution stone is a special stone that evolves some Pokemon. EG: eevee: use a water stone on it to evolve it into a vaporeon fire stone on it for a flareon thunder stone for a jolteon there are lots of Pokemon an evoloution stone can evolve types of stone: fire stone water stone thunder stone dusk stone leaf stone shiny stone dawn stone sun stone moon stone

What stones can evee use?

you can use a fire stone water stone and thunder stone on an evee fire stone is flareon thunder stone is jolteon and water stone is vaporeon

Is Jennifer Stone Relatated to Emma Stone?

No. Emma Stone is the daughter of Jeff Stone who is of swedish decent and Krista Stone who is Dutch Pennsylvanian. Her only sibling is Spencer Stone who is a football player.

In Pokemon platinum what do the stones do?

most of the stones (moon stone, thunder stone, leaf stone, sun stone, dawn stone, dusk stone, oval stone, shiny stone, ....etc.....) make Pokemon evolve. However, the everstone prevent the holder from evolving.

What are all the Pokemon that can evolve with the water stone the fire stone and the leaf stone on platinum?

The Pokémon that can evolve with the Water Stone, the Fire Stone and the Leaf Stone in Pokémon Platinum are Poliwhirl, Shellder, Staryu and Lombre with the Water Stone, Vulpix and Growlithe with the Fire Stone, Gloom, Weepinbell, Exeggcute and Nuzleaf with the Leaf Stone and Eevee can evolve with either the Water Stone or the Fire Stone.

How do you evolve eevee into a Glaceon in Pokemon soulsliver?

Well there are a couple of stone but glaceon i do not know sorry but these are some of the stones i know; Water stone Leaf stone Fire stone Thunder stone Darc stone 'Ice stone'

Is a corner stone the second or first stone in the construction?

A corner stone is the first stone in construction. This stone is important due to the fact that all of the other stones will be applied in reference to this stone.

How do you shape stone?

A stone can be shaped with a stone grinder. A stone is placed in the grinder and then a person will maneuver the grinder to shape the stone the way they want it.

Is a sun stone a shiny stone?

no a sun stone is not a shiny stone. you can evolve a gloom with a sun stone or other certain type of Pokemon.

What type of items like thunderstone help your Pokemon evolve in Pokemon mystery dungeon 2?

Link Cable Thunder stone Fire stone Water Stone Sun Stone Moon Stone Dusk Stone Dawn Stone Beauty Scarf Mossy Rock Frozen Rock Lunar Ribbon Sun Ribbon and more....... Link Cable Thunder stone Fire stone Water Stone Sun Stone Moon Stone Dusk Stone Dawn Stone Beauty Scarf Mossy Rock Frozen Rock Lunar Ribbon Sun Ribbon and more.......

When was John Stone Stone born?

John Stone Stone was born on 1869-09-24.

When did John Stone Stone die?

John Stone Stone died on 1943-05-20.