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"per cent" means "in a hundred"...

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Q: What is 12 percent of a hundred?
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What is twelve percent of a hundred?


How do you convert 12 percent into a fraction?

To turn 12 percent in to a fraction you just put 12 over hundred. So it would be 12 over hundred.

How much is 12 percent out of 100?

The answer is 12, because "percent" means "for each hundred".

What is six percent of two hundred?


What is 12 percent over hundred reduced to?


What is 24 percent of 1200?

You have 24 for every hundred and you have 12 hundreds...

What is twelve percent of two hundred and fifty?

12% of 250 = 12% * 250 = 0.12 * 250 = 30

How do you write 012 as a percent?

Times any number by 100 and you convert any number that you have into percent. The word "cent" means one-hundred (100). The word "Percent" means... PER-CENT (every one-hundred) I am assuming you meant "write .12 as a percent" This is 12%. But 012 as a percent is 1200%.

What is sixteen percent of one hundred percent?

Sixteen percent of one hundred percent is: 0.16

How do you change percent into fraction?

Any percentage represents 'parts per hundred' so 12% is equal to 12 parts of one hundred or 12/100, this can be simplfied to 6/50 or 3/25

Which equation can be used to find eighteen percent of eight hundred ninety-three?


How dirty is the river Nile?

a hundred percent dick. A hundred percent dirty.

What is fifty percent of four hundred?

Fifty percent means half. Half of four hundred is two hundred.

What is percent?

Percent means"per hundred"

What is 12.5 percent of one hundred?

Percent means 'of a hundred' and 12.5% of 100 is 12.5

What is twelve percent from one hundred dollars?

Twelve cents. Which literally means 12 hundredths, in Latin.

120 percent of what number is one hundred and two percent?

120 percent of the number 85 is one hundred and two.

What is thirty percent of five hundred?

Thirty percent of one hundred is 30, so thirty percent of five hundred must be 30 X 5 = 150.

What is one one hundred as a percent?

1 percent.

How do you get a percent over a hundred?

Whatever the numerator is = the percent.

Can you give me a sentence using the idiom 'feel a hundred percent'?

I can give you several sentences.After I took that cold medicine, I feel a hundred percent better.I feel a hundred percent after winning that game.Making that good grade makes me feel one hundred percent.

What is 80 percent of 12 percent?

80 percent of 12 percent = 0.8 x 12 percent = 9.6 percent

What is 3 percent percent of one hundred and thirty three thousand nine hundred dollars?


What is one ninth of a hundred percent?

one ninth of a hundred percent = 1/9 * 100% =11.11%

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Jesus was hundred percent god and hundred percent man.