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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is 14 minus 2p plus equals 8?
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Related questions

How do you solve 8p plus 4 equals 10 plus 6p?

8p+4=6p+10 8p-6p=2p 10+4=14 2p=14 p=7

How would you solve 2p plus 10 equals 8p-14?

2p+10 = 8p-14 2p-8p = -14-10 -6p = -24 p = 4

What is -3p minus 7 equals -12 minus 2p?

p = 5

Pq equals 3p plus 4r minus 2p?

Without prior knowledge of the value of q or r, it is impossible to calculate the answer to this equation.

What does p plus p equal?

It equals 2p because p+p=2p.

What is 4t plus 3s plus 2p equals c?


What is ADP plus P equals?


3p plus 7 equals 16 plus 2p?

3p+7 = 16+2p 3p-2p = 16-7 p = 9

How do you solve 3p equals 2p plus 12?

3p = 2p + 12subtracting 2p from both sidesp = 12 ■

What does 2p plus 1 equals?

That depends what the value of p is.

P minus negative P equals?

P - - p = 2p

What is 7p-2p equals?

7p-2p equals = 5

What is 2p plus 5r equals q for p?

If: 2p+5r = q Then: p = (q-5r)/2

Is 2p plus q a monomial?

No, it is a binomial. A monomial only has one term. A plus or minus sign creates or separates terms.

Where p equals 6 what is the answer to 2p plus 5?

12 +5 = 17

-3 plus 4p-2p equals 1 what does p equal?

-3+4p-2p=1 -3+2p=1 2p=4 p=2

Q equals 2p plus 1. Find the value of p when q equals 7.?

p=3 !

How do you slove 3P equals 2P plus 12?

3p = 2p + 12 subtract 2p from both sides 3p - 2p = 2p - 2p + 12 1p = 12 p = 12 this is how you solve this problem.

What is 9 equals 15 plus 2p?

9=15+2p-15 -15 and continue to get ur answer :)p=-2

What is 5p - 1 equals 2p plus 20?

5p-1=2p-20 3p=21 p=7

How do you factor p2 plus 2p-7 equals 0?

The quadratic cannot be factorised. Its roots are irrational.

What coefficients balance the equation P plus O2 equals P2O5?

2p+5o2 --> 2p2o5

When p is eliminated in the system 2p plus 5q equals -4 -p -7q equals 11?

Solving by elimination: p = 3 and q = -2

Can this be evaluated 18p - 2p plus 6 equals 9 plus 5?

Collecting like terms on each side, this means that 16p + 6 = 14 Therefore, 16p = 8 Therefore, p = 8/16 = 0.5.

What is the answer to 4p plus 2p?

You can combine like terms of p to get 6p. If you are given what p equals you can solve for the completely numerical answer.