What does p plus p equal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It equals 2p because p+p=2p.

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Q: What does p plus p equal?
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What does p plus p plus p equal?


If N plus p equals 55 does n equal 1.2p?


What does p equal in 2 p plus y?

Assuming 2p + y = 0, then 2p = -y p = -y/2

What is p in the equation negative 10 plus p equal 29?

10+p=29 If you subtract 10 from both sides, you get: p=19

What when negative 4 is equal to 2p plus 10?

If -4 = 2p+10 Then the value of p is -7

Simplify p plus p plus p plus p?

4 times p or 4p

What is t plus p plus t plus p plus t-p plus t?

4t - 2p

The emmiter current of an n-p-n transistor is equal to?

The sum of (base current) plus (collector current).

7p plus 8.4 equals 8.4?

p must equal zero p = 0 (7 x 0) + 8.4 = 8.4 0 + 8.4 = 8.4

-3 plus 4p-2p equals 1 what does p equal?

-3+4p-2p=1 -3+2p=1 2p=4 p=2

What is the answer to p plus 14 plus p equals 12p?

The value of p is 1.4

What is p plus 18 plus 14 equals?

p + 32