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60% (failing)

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Q: What is 15 points out of 25 for a quiz score?
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What is the best score on the quiz15 out of 25 or 8 out of 14 or 25 out of 45 or 27 out of 50?

15/25=60%. 8/14≈57%. 25/45≈56%. 27/50=54%. The best score on the quiz is 15/25.

Total points in a volley game?

whoever gets to 25 points first win, but you have to win by two points, so you can not win if the score is 24 25 because you are not winning by two points. If the score was 24 25 the game would keep going until one team was ahead by two.

When did the sport volleyball turns to 25 point score?

Yes. The winner is the team who scores 25 points first with a 2-point margin.

What does the score 9 mean in the Mathematical Olympiads?

each student may score up to 25 points so it is 9 our of 25

How many points needed to score in volleyball?

That depends. Usually it's either 30, 25, 21 or if you're playing a tie breaker, 15

How many bonus points dose a player score for using all the rack in one turn in a Smath games?

25 points

How many sets does a team need to win in a regulation volleyball game?

In a regulation game, a match is usually decided by the best 3 out of 5.

How many points can you earn in regulation play?

You can scored 25 points in regulation play, but if the score is 25-24, then the team ahead must win by 2 points.

What is the total score of the 5th set in volleyball?

the 5th set usually goes up to 15, but only when it has a cap. If it doesn't have a cap (which means it can go over 15), then you just have to win by 2 points.

What was the score for F1 on march 27th 2011?

1 S.Vettel Red Bull Points:25 2 L. Hamilton Mclaren Points:18 3 V.Petrov Renault Points: 15 4 F.Alonso Ferrari Points 12 5 M.Webber Red Bull Points: 10

You beat a team by 25 points. If they had scored twice as many points they would have beaten you by 14 points. What was the final score?

Your team - 64 Other team - 39 a = the other teams score b= your teams score 25+a=b 2a=b+14 to solve this, set the second equation equal to b 25+a=b 2a-14=b since both equations equal b then the equations equal each other 25+a=2a-14 Now solve for a. 25=a-14 39=a so the other team's final score is 39. to get your teams score replace 39 for a in one of the original equations. 25+39=b 64=b your team's score is 64 points!

How many points do you need to score to be considered a great player in basketball?

at least 25