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Q: What is 16 in the formula of no. of theoretical plates?
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What are the usp limits for the theoretical plates in gas chromatography?

The typical upper limit for the number of theoretical plates in gas chromatography is around 500,000 plates. However, most separations can be achieved effectively with 100,000 to 250,000 plates. It is important to balance the number of theoretical plates with the analysis time and efficiency of the separation.

Formula for percent error?

Percent Error = {Absolute value (Experimental value - Theoretical Value) / Theoretical Value }*100

Why it is said that number of theoretical plates should be high for a good efficiency?

A higher number of theoretical plates indicates better separation efficiency in chromatography. Each theoretical plate represents a stage in the column where equilibration between the stationary and mobile phases occurs, leading to increased resolution of components in the sample. More theoretical plates result in better separation and sharper peaks, indicating higher efficiency in the chromatographic process.

What are the theoretical tests for index numbers Also verify them by Laspeyres formula Paasche's formula Fisher's formula and Marshall Edge worth formula?

A= 4 times the base of square mass

What is the theoretical probability of rolling a 2?

Its 16.667% or 16 1/3%

Why are the plates in column chromatography called 'theoretical plates'?

The plates in column chromatography are called theoretical plates because they conceptually represent an idealized stage in the separation process where solute molecules are distributed between the stationary and mobile phases repeatedly. Each theoretical plate represents a hypothetical stage of equilibration where solute molecules equilibrate between the two phases.

How many plates are there in soul silver?


What formula is used to find the theoretical probability of an event?

Expected successes= Theoretical Probability · Trials P(event) = Number of possible out comes divided by total number of possible

What height a fractional distillation column has?

The height of a fractional distillation column can vary depending on factors such as the size of the column, the components being separated, and the desired level of separation. In general, taller columns are used for higher separation efficiency but may require more energy, while shorter columns may be used for simpler separations.

Why different component different number of theoretical plates?

Different component may have different retension time attached to stationary phase and size.

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The formula is:1 pint = 16 ounces

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