What is 18.01 written in words?

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eighteen and one one-hundredth Eighteen point zero one.

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Q: What is 18.01 written in words?
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Moonlight Sonata was written by Beethoven in 1801, but it is not a song. It is just one movement of a piano sonata; hence, there are no words.

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December 6th 1801

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Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809

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William Marshall has written: 'A vindication of the Associate Presbytery of Pennsylvania, respecting their constitution and principles' -- subject(s): Associate Presbytery of Pennsylvania (1782-1801), Associate Reformed Synod (1782-1801)

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