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Too much to carry in your pocket comfortably.

Exchange the 18 quarters and 15 of the dimes for six dollar bills.


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Q: What is 18 quarters and 18 dimes?
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Bruce has 5.50 in dimes and quarters He has 8 more quarters than dimes How many quarters does he have?

He has 18 quarters (for $4.50)...........and 10 dimes ($1.00)

How much is 9 quarters 18 dimes and 9 nickels?

how much is 8 dimes and 13 nickels and 17 penn and 9 quarters

How many quarters in 325 dimes?

130 quarters are in 325 dimes

How many dimes and quarter you need to get 2.35?

1 quarter and 21 dimes or 3 quarters and 16 dimes or 5 quarters and 11 dimes or 7 quarters and 6 dimes or 9 quarters and 1 dime

How do you get 1.15 with quarters and dimes?

3 quarters, 4 dimes

There are quarters and dimes in a box Their total value is at most 4.50 Quarters are 5 times as many as dimes How many quarters and how many dimes are at most in the box?

15 quarters, 3 dimes

If there twice as many dimes then quarters in 2.25 how many dimes are there?

10 dimes 5 quarters

How many dimes are in 19.75 if the amount contains only dimes and quarters?

There are 39 combinations of dimes and quarters that will total 19.75 from 1 quarter and 195 dimes to 77 quarters and 5 dimes.

How many ways can you make 2.50 from quarters and dimes?

2.50 can be made up from 10 quarters or 25 dimes, for the first two ways. The smallest number of quarters that can be substituted for dimes without changing the sum is two, substituted for five dimes. Therefore, you can have: 20 dimes + 2 quarters, 15 dimes + 4 quarters, 10 dimes + 6 quarters, or 5 dimes + 8 quarters, four additional possibilities for a total of six..

How many ways can you make ten dollars with quarters and dimes?

I believe there are 19 ways to make ten dollars with only quarters and dimes. Quarters have to be in increments of 2 so there would be 2 quarters and 95 dimes, 4 quarters and 90 dimes and so on til there are 38 quarters and 5 dimes.

How many quarters are in 18 dimes and 9 nickels?

Well 18 dimes would be $1.80, while 9 nickels would be $0.45. Add those together and you have $2.25. When you divide that by $0.25 (quarter), you get 9 quarters.

How many ways can a 10 bill be changed into dimes or quarters or a combination of dimes and quarters?

40 quarters5 dimes, 38 quarters10 dimes, 36 quarters15 dimes, 34 quarters20 dimes, 32 quarters...90 dimes, 4 quarters95 dimes, 2 quarters100 dimesThat's 21 ways.

Mula has 27 coins that are all dimes and quarters the value is 4.35 how many dimes and quarters does mula have?

Mula has 16 dimes and 11 quarters.

A child's bank of quarters and dimes thirty-seven in all holds a total of six dollars and forty cents how many quarters and dimes?

If you have 37 coins and 18 are quaters ($4.50) and 19 are dimes ($1.90) then the amount is $6.40.

How many different ways can you make change for 75 cents using quarters dimes and nickels?

There are 18 ways to make change for 75 cents with only quarters, dimes and nickels.

What does 10 quarters and 7 dimes equal?

10 quarters and 7 dimes =

If there were 520 dimes and quarters in vending machine and the ratio of dimes to quarters was 5 to 8 then how many dimes were there?

If 5 dimes to every 8 quarters that is 5 out of every 13 coins dimes and 8 of 13 coins quarters 5/13 x 520 = 200 dimes

What would add up 10.25 with quarters and dimes?

to many to count... 100 dimes 1 quarter. 41 quarters. 50 dimes 21 quarters

You have 1.55 in dimes and quarters. What are all the possible combinations of coins that you might have?

There are three possible combinations: 1 quarter and 13 dimes 3 quarters and 8 dimes 5 quarters and 3 dimes

How many quarters have the same value as 85 dimes Use the equality 4 quarters equals 10 dimes?

4 quarters=10 dimes x quarters=85 dimes quarter=10/4 dimes x (10/4 dimes) = 85 dimes x= 85 dimes/(10/4 dimes) x=34 Answer: 34 quarters

How many is 4 quarters and 4 dimes?

4 quarters and 4 dimes is $1.40

How many dimes make four quarters?

Ten dimes is equal to four quarters.

How many dimes and quarters make up 19.50?

195 dimes. 78 quarters.

How much is 3 quarters and 3 dimes?

3 quarters and 3 dimes are $1.05!

How many dimes equal 6 quarters?

15 dimes equals 6 quarters.