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It is: 48 months - 16 months = 32 months

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Q: What is 1 third taken off 4 years?
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How long does it take for tickets to drop off your driving record in Arizona?

A ticket will drop off of your driving record in Arizona in approximately 3 years and 1 day. Not all your points will be taken off at once.

What is one third of three years?

1 year

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Not quite. It should say 'This picture was taken when she was 1 years old.'

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What does omited mean?

it means "left out" ir "taken out", for example, if I were to say "questions 1-5 have been omitted from the test" would mean that questions 1-5 have been left off of taken off the test.

What is 26 and 1 third minus 5 and 2 thirds equal and how?

26 and 1 third minus 5 is 21 and 1 third. You still have an extra two thirds to take off. Take off the first and you are down to 21, take off the second and you are at 20 and two thirds. A different way is to add 1 third to each first. So the question becomes "what is 26 and two thirds minus 6 which is 20 and two thirds again.

How do you find a fraction third off 36.87?

1/3 * 36.87 is 12.29.

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Golden Years - 1991 Third Time Lucky 1-6 was released on: USA: 15 August 1991

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A millennium is 1000 years. Therefore, the first millennium (after Christ) is years 1-1000, the second millennium is 1001-2000, and the third millennium (which started a few years ago) is 2001-3000.

How much is a 1 third off of 59?

1/3 off of 59 = 2/3 left of 59 = 59*2/3 = 39.33... recurring.

What do historians call the next 1000 years?

The third millenium. The first was from 1 to 1000 CE, the 2nd from 1001 to 2000. We are now in the third.

What is the maximum sentence for felony theft in the third degree in Ohio?

1 to 5 years

Why does boiled water steam more when it is taken off the heat?

if its like 1 second after then yes

What is 4-1 third?

4-1 third = 3

If a doctor gave you 3 pills and told you to take them one every half hour how long would they last?

One hour Reasoning First pill taken on the hour Second pill taken 1/2 later Third pill taken after another 1/2 hour Total time 1 hour depends when you take them.

How many points taken off for each question on a 100 question test?

1 per question.

Senate member serve for how long?

6 years. Every 2 years, one-third (1/3) of the members are re-elected.

What is 1 third in centimeters?

1 third of what ? ? 1 third of an inch = 0.8467 cm 1 third of a foot = 10.16 cm 1 third of a yard = 30.48 cm 1 third of a meter = 331/3 cm 1 third of a mile = 53,644.8 cm

What is 3 and 1 third minus 2 and 1 third?


How long do the withdrawal symptoms from getting off Effexor last?

1-20 Years 1 If you are very lucky

What is 1 and 1 half times 2 and 1 third?

3 and 1 third

How long do syberian hamsters live for?

If taken care of properly, around 1 and a half to 3 years

What is the possible sentencing for third degree burglary in Connecticut?

1 to 5 years & up to $5000

How many quarts are in 1 third?

The answer depends on 1 third WHAT!

What is 1 third minus 2 thirds?

-1 third