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20/20 equals 1/1 or a hundred percent of something.

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Q: What is 20 20 in maths?
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How much is a score in maths?


What is a score in maths?

24 * * * * * No it is 20.

What is a score in maths terms?


In maths what is a score?

a score is twenty:20

I am weak in maths what should i do to score above 85?

you should buy some maths books and do 20 mins every night or do some revision on maths.

What does score mean in maths?


What is the date of maths exam?

17 and 20 may

How many grace marks in maths in karnataka?


What is the definition of score in maths terms?

A score is equal to 20.

What is a scores in maths terms?

In Algebra, a score is a collection of 20 items, i. e., a score = 20.

Write a list of 20 mathematicians fron the ancient history and their contribution in Maths?

write about any 20 mathematicians

What is 2 score and 5 in maths?

A score is 20. So, it's 45.

Maths Question - How do you expand 25.16?


Do you need to be good at maths to become a microbiologist because im not good at maths and i wont to be a microbiologist?

practice at least an 1 hour a day or 20 minutes and revising

What is 80 divided by 4 equal?


Was aryabhatta give us maths formulas?

we need 20 formulas to compete project

What does score mean in maths EG three score minus sixteen?

Score = 20

What is the product in term of maths?

The product is synonymous with multiplication.I.e.5 * 4 = 20So, 20 is the product of 5 and 4.

Types of normalisation with table example?

Types of normalisationFirst Normal FormSecond Normal FormThird Normal FormBCNFStudents Age Subject Anne 20 Biology, Maths flora 23 Maths devin 16 Maths

Maths. what is to factorise?

To factorise is to find the numbers that divide into the original number by only using prime numbers. For example factorise 20 = 2 times 2 times 5

How do you say math in French?

les mathsLes maths = mathsles maths

What does the word range mean in maths term?

It means the difference between the lowest and highest values E.G 100 - 80=20, so the range is 20.

Is A level math hard?

Level A maths is the hardest maths you can get. Level B maths is not so hard and level C maths is about the same as primary school maths.

How maths originated where did maths get its name how maths was invented?

The lady who invented maths was called Charlotte Higgleson and she was born in Greece

You say at Maths or on Maths?

In America it is math, in most European countries it is maths