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1/3 hour

1 hour = 60 minutes

20/60 =1/3 hour in fraction

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Q: What is 20min in fraction?
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What fraction is 20min of 3 hours answers?

It is: 20/180 or 1/9 in its simplest form

How long is the flight from Boston Massachusetts to Birmingham Alabama?

Approximately 2hrs and 20min. Give or take 20min.

After school Chase spends 20min reading 30min practicing the piano 15min cleaning his room and 40min doing his home work Chase is busy for 105minWhat fraction of the time does he spend clean his room?

15/105 = 1/10 is the fraction of time he spends cleaning his room

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What is the ratio to 20min to 3hrs?

1 to 9

How many hours are there in 200 minutes?

3h + 20min

How long is the flight from Copenhagen to Gatwick?

1h 20min

How long is the flight from India to turkey?

4hrs 20min

How can someone be claimed dead for 20min then be alive?

they resparned

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How many seconds in 5 hours 20min?

19,200 seconds.

Flying time between Singapore and Bangkok?

About 2hr 20min

What is the elasped time between 635am to 955am?

3h 20min

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Because it is a piece of junk.

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Cook your lion of pork for 20min per kg then 20min at the end and leave to rest out of the oven for 10min coverd with tin foil then carve.Enjoy!

How long is a flight from Seattle to NYC?

6h 20min to 6h 30min

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What is the Flight duration from Singapore to Guangzhou?

3hr 20min to 4 hrs

What does 3h 20min plus 2h 48min equals?

6h 8min

How long would it take to get from omsk to Astana by plane?

3hrs and 20min.

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Well it will take at least 20min and it will die

What is the flying time from Johannesburg to Perth?

At average air speed, about 10hrs, 20min

Longest hula hoop record for 9 year old?

1hr 20min.

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