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Q: What is 220 over 230 in simplest form?
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What is 230 over 45 in its simplest form?

It is: 230/45 = 46/9

What is the simplest form for 230 over 500?


What is 230 over 500 in simplest form?


What is 3335 over 230 in simplest form?

3,335 / 230 = 14.5 = 29/2

What is 230 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

230% = 230/100 = 23/10

What is 230 written in simplest form?

2/30 = 1/15

What is 225 rounded to the nearest ten?


Will a 220 volt ballast operate from a 230 volt source?

Yes, 220 volts is in the same voltage classification as 230 volts.

What is the average of 230 and 220?


What is the fraction of 230 and 210?

Expressed as a top-heavy fraction in its simplest form, by dividing the numerator and denominator by 10, 230/210 = 23/21.

Can you use 230 volts 50Hz rice cooker in a 220 volts outlet?

Yes you use 230 volts 50Hz rice cooker in a 220 volt outlet.

If you had 172 over 230 how would you put that in simplest form?

Start by dividing by 2 giving 86/115. These numbers have no common factor (2 x 43 and 5 x 23) so that's your simplest fraction.

Is it safe to use a 230-240 volt microwave in a country like China where the voltage is 220?

No, if it says 230-240 .. 230 is the minimum..

Is 230 volts safe to plug in 220 volts?

Yes, it's ok, equipment is built to work over about a 10% variation in the voltage.

Would 230 volt item applicance work on 220 volt in south Africa?

A step-up transformer would be required to supply 230 volts from a 220 volts source from South Africa.

Will a 240 volt electric range work on a 220 volt feed?

Yes. 220, 230 and 240 all refer to the same voltage. The actual voltage, if measured, will typically be between 230 and 240.

What is the difference between 230 volt and 220 volt?

its the safety factor

What is the tire pressure on a Fiat grande punto?

220-230 will be fine

Can 230 volt appliance plug into a 220 volt recepticle?


How fast does a lamborghini aventador go?

between 220-230 mph.

Is 220 amp connected for 230 volt?

The question can't be answered - it has no meaning :)

At what temperature does the cooling fan come on?

Usually between 220 and 230 degrees.

What is the normal range on the temp gauge for a 1998 Buick LeSabre?


What is the electrical voltage output in France?

220-230 V @ 50 Hz

Can you plug a 220 hair dryer into a 230 plug?

Nominal residential voltage is 120/240 volts. Not sure from you description if the plug is just rated at 230 volts or is supplying 230 volts (It is likely that the plug may be rated at 230 volts, but only operating at 120 volts). A typical hand held hair dryer would operate on 120 volts. A commercial hair dryer might operate at 220 volts, but must be plugged into a 220 supply.