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Q: What is 256.35 rounding to the greatest place?
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How does estimating using only the first digit in the greatest place compare with rounding to the greatest place?

it's the Same thing

What is estimate rounding by greatest place for 25044 is it 25000 or 24000?


Estimate by rounding addend to greatest place 87794 plus 72921?


Estimate by rounding to the greatest place value?

OK, I understand. Give me the number to be rounded, and I'll do that.

Estimate by rounding to the greatest place value ninety four subtract from seventysix?

90-80 is 10.

How do you round off 21987 to the greatest value?

20,000 --------------------------------- You need to specify a value such as ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, or ten-thousands. To get the greatest value by rounding you would do all of these, compare them and pick the greatest. 22,000 is greater than 20,000 and you get this by rounding to the thousands place.

How do you estimate the product by rounding both factors to the greatest place value 1100x 39?

1000 x 40 = 40,000

How do you explain to a 3 grader how to round 849 to the greatest place value. She try and got 850 is that correct?

That's correct if rounding to the second greatest place value, but not the greatest. The greatest place value in a three digit number is the hundreds place. 849 rounded to the nearest hundred is 800.

What is 17.15 rounded off?

It depends on which place you are rounding to. If you are rounding to the tenths place, 17.15 rounds off to 17. If you are rounding to the hundredths place, 17.15 becomes 17.2.

What is the round off greatest value of 21987?

Rounding to different numbers of significant figures, the greatest result is 22,000.21 987 round off theto its greatest value what is answer.

What is the greatest number that rounds to 65000000?

if you are rounding up, 64999999.9999999999999...etc if you are rounding down, it depends on how much you are rounding down. the usual answer could be, 69999999.9999999999999...etc

What is 9.33 after rounding to the nearest tenths place?

9.33, after rounding to the nearest tenths place, results in 9.3