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One tenth is.

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Q: What is 25 percent of two fifths?
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How much is two fifths of 25?

Two fifths of 25 would be 10.

Is 22 percent bigger than two fifths?

of course not two fifths is forty percent

Two fifths of what number is 10?

Two fifths of 25 is 10.

What is 52 percent and a fraction?

Fifty-two percent could be written (in reduced form) as thirteen twenty-fifths, or 13/25.

What is two fifths of twenty-five?

two fifths of 25 is 10

What is two fifths times three fifths?

It is 6/25

Two fifths is what percent?


Two fifths percent of 1400 is?

If you meant "two fifths of 1400" then 560otherwise if you meant "two fifths of a percent of 1400" then 5.6

What is 13 twenty-fifths in percent?

13/25 = 52%

What is seven twenty fifths as a percent?

7/25 = 28%

What is two-fifths times three-fifths?

0.24 or 6/25

What is two-fifths as a percent?

two-fifths as a percent is 40% because 5 times 20=100 and 2 times 20= 40 and a percent is always over 100!

What are two fifths of 25?


What percentage is two fifths?

40 percent

What is one and two fifths as a percent?


What is the percent of three twenty-fifths?

3/25 = .12 = 12%

Ten twenty-fifths as a percent?

If you mean 10/25 then it is 40%

What is two and two fifths as a percent?

two fifths is two parts of 5 or 2/5, first express that as part of 100 (as percents work that way) so 2/5 * 20/20 = 40 / 100. Thus two-fifths is 40 percent.

How many seconds is two fifths of a minute two fifths of a minute is what percent of a minute?

40% 24 seconds

What does three and two fifths multiplied by two fifths equal?

1 9 25

What is 14 over 25 written as percent?

Expressed as a percentage, 14/25, or fourteen twenty-fifths, is equal to 14/25 x 100 = 62 percent.

What is ten divided by two fifths?


What is two fifths squared?


What is three-fifths of four-ninths multiplied by two-fifths of five-fourths?


What is two fifths in percent from?

2/5=40/100=40 percent

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