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28^2 (28 x 28) is equal to 784.

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Q: What is 28 squared?
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Related questions

Is 784 a squared number?

784 is a squared number because 28*28 = 784

What is the gcf of 4096 and 28?

The GCF of 2096 and 28 is FOUR (4). 2 squared is 4096 and 2 squared time 7 is 28. Your welcome! :D

Is 28 squared rational or irrational?

28 squared is 784 which is a rational number

What is the area of 7cm by 4cm?

28 cm squared

Is 28 already squared?

28 is not a square number, if that is what the question means.

How do you you factor 3x squared minus 25x minus 28?

3x squared minus 25x minus 28

What is the square root of 28 minus the squared root of 7?

The square root of 28 minus the squared root of 7 =±2.64575131

What number squared equals 28?


28 is divisible by?

1,2,4,7,14,28 28=2 squared times 7

What 3 numbers squared add up to 2010?


What is the answer to x squared minus 11x plus 28 equals 0?

x = -28 / -11^2

What is the perimeter of 49 meters squared area?

It is 28 metres.

What is the area of a circle with a radius of 28 meters?

approx 2463m squared

What is 8-6 squared - 28?

First you must square the 6 which the answer is 36. Then you subtract 36 from 8 and the answer is negative 28. Finally you solve negative 28 minus 28 (-28-28) which equals negative 56 (-56).

How do you factor 36x squared - 64y squared?


Is 794 a square number?

Every number is a squared number- it is a square of something. However, 794 is not a perfect square number. 28 squared is 784 and 29 squared is 841. The square root of 794 is 28.1780056072107.

What is the prime factorizationin exponential form of 28?

2 squared times 7

What is the perimeter of a square which has a area of 49 centimetres squared?

It is: 4*7 = 28 cm

What is 12y squared minus 34y plus 28 divided by 3y plus 5?


What is the surface area of a traffic cone 14 x 28?

392 units squared

What is x squared minus 3x minus 28?


The base of a triangle is 8cm the triangle has an area of 28cm squared What is the height of the triangle?

Area of a triangle = 1/2 * base * heightWe have,Area = 28 cm squared, base = 8cmthen,28 = 1/2 * 8 * h28 = 4*hh = 7cm

If the area of a square is forty nine squared what is the perimeter of the square?

The perimeter is 28.

What is 7 squared - 3 x7?

7^2 - 3*7 49 - 21 28

What is the factors of 28 t squared minus 17 t minus 3?

28 t2 - 17 t - 3 = (7t + 1) x (4t - 3)