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that's why I'm here

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Q: What is 2 and 928 in ten thousandth's?
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Related questions

Write the statement as decimals.2 and 928 ten- thousandths?


What is 928 ten-thousandths as a decimal?

It is 0.0928

What is 2 and 928 ten thousandths in decimals?

that's why I'm here

How do you write 2 ten thousands in standard form?

2.OO1 is wrong--the question isnt two and one ten thousandths...the answer to 2 ten thousandths is 0.0002 which is 2 ten thousandths

How do you write 2 and 928 ten thousandths as a decimal?

It is 2 + 928*10000 = 92802

Where is the ten-thousandths place on a number?

the ten thousandths place is 0.000**0** so if you had 1 ten thousandth it would be 0.0001 6 ten thousandths = 0.0006 2 ten thousandths = 0.0002

How To Write 2 and 928 ten thousands in decimals?


How do you write 0.0004 in words?

four ten-thousandths

What is 700 ten thousandths in scientific notation?

700 ten thousandths in scientific notation is: 7e-2 or 7 x 10^-2

What is two and four hundred fifty three ten thousandths written as a decimal?

By this question, I presume the questioner means what is 2 + 453 ten thousandths. 453/10000 = 0.0453, so 2 - 453 ten thousandths = 2.0453

What is ten-thousandths in standard form?

Ten-thousandths in standard form is 1.0 × 10-2

What is the value of the 2 97.3412?

ten thousandths

What is 2 and 32 ten thousandths?

It is 2.0032

The place value of 2 in 17.9852?

2 ten-thousandths

4 and 8 ten thousandths in decimal?

4 ten thousandths = 0.00048 ten thousandths = 0.0008

What is the place value for 2 in 0.0002?

two ten thousandths... (ones) . (tenths) (hundredths) (thousandths) (ten thousandths) ...

How do you write 2 and 12 ten-thousandths?


What does ten thousandths mean in word form?

Ten thousandths is ten thousandths in word form. In number form it is 0.001

How do you write 0008 in word form?

eight ten thousandths.

How do you write 0.0002 in word form?

Two Ten-thousandthsIt is two ten thousandths.

How would you write two ten thousandths in decimal form?

0.0002 tenths, hundredths , thousandths and ten thousandths. or, 2 X 10^-4

How do you write one hundred ten-thousandths in standard form?

One hundred ten-thousandths in standard form is 1.0 × 10-2

How do you write 6 ten thousandths in standard form?

The numeral 0.0006 is six ten-thousandths.

What is 15 ten thousandths as a decimal?

15 hundredths = 0.15 15 thousandths = 0.015 15 ten thousandths = 0.0015

How do you write forty-one ten-thousandths as a decimal?

0.0001 =1 ten thousandth. 40 ten thousandths is the same as 4 thousandths. so the answer is 0.0041.