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If you mean: 2 and 1/2 then as an improper fraction it is 5/2

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Q: What is 2 one over two as a fraction?
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Related questions

What is the fraction for 2 and one over two equals?

i think 2 and one half

What is 4 and one over two as an improper fraction?


What is point five as a fraction?

0.5 is one half, therefore, as a fraction, it is one over two - 1/2.

How do you say the fraction 2 divided by 2?


What is 2 in fraction form?

That would simply be 2/1 (two over one).

What is two over one as a fraction?

It is 2/1 which is, in fact, an integer.

What is 15.5 as a fraction?

31/2 (thirty-one over two or thirty-one halves)

What is 1 sixths times 2?

Two would do one over six then multiply it by two over one,which is a whole fraction, to get your answer

What does one fraction half look like?

One fraction half (as in the question) looks like 0.50 or 1/2 (one over two).

What is three divided by the fraction one over two?

3/(1/2) = 3*2 = 6

What is a different way to say 2 over 4 in fractions?

1/2 (one over two) is the simplified and more preferred fraction for 2/4 (two over four).

What is one fifth of ten as a fraction?

10 * (1/5) = (2/1) two over one

What is I over 2 as fraction means?

It means one out of two equal parts: in words, a half.

What is -13.5 as a fraction?

There are two answers; -27 over 2, or 27 over -2.

What is ten and one half as an improper fraction?

twenty one over two... or 21/2 (same thing....)

What is one half as a fraction?

1 over 2 is a half as a fraction

What fraction is greater 1 over 2 or 2 over 9?

1/2 (One Half = One over Two) is the equivalent of 50%. 2/9 (Two Ninths = Two over Nine) is the equivalent of 22.2%* 1/2 is greater. *(This is a recurring number which means it will go on forever.)

What does 2 1 4 equal as an improper fraction?

The mixed number 2 1/4 (two and one over four) = 9/4 (nine over four) as an improper fraction.

Is 2 over 7 equivalent?

No. 2 over 7 is one ratio (or fraction). You need at least two for them to be equivalent.

Can a fraction be put into a ratio without changing it's form?

A fraction is a ratio... even when you don't change its form. 1/2 is "one half/ one over two/ one to two ratio"

What is five over two as in improper fraction?


What is two point five as a fraction?

5 over 2

What are the fractions for 0.2?

0.2 as a fraction is 2/10 or 1/5 in its simplest form

What fraction is the same as 4 over 8?

1/2 or one over two. Or any number where the denominator is double of numerator.

What is a two fifths?

Two fifths is a fraction that looks like: 2/5. It represents 2 over 5. This is considered a "Proper Fraction".