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²⁄₁₀ cannot be written as a whole number, but it can be written as a decimal: 0.2

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Q: What is 2 tenths as a whole number?
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Why is 2 larger than 0.8?

2 is a whole number and 0.8 is 8 tenths

In the decimal number 59.247 what does the number 2 stand for?

In the decimal number 59.247, the number 2 stands for 2/10 of a whole.

How many tenths are ther in 2 whole ones?

There are 20 tenths because there are 10 tenths in one whole.

Is three tenths a whole number?


How is whole number 2 the same is 2tenths?

They can both be used to mark pairs of things. The whole number 2 can marka pair of anything, but the number 2/10 can only mark a pair of tenths.

How many tenths in whole one?

Ten. Because lets pretend you had 10 sections, each equaling 1 tenth. You would need 10 tenths to fill in all the sections. Because if you've filled all the sections with 1 tenth, you have 1 whole. Make sense?

What is the whole number 7 over 2?

3.5 Since 3.5 times 2 equals 7. Seven divided by 2 equals three and five tenths

What is the difference between a whole 1 and three tenths?

1 is the whole number a whole broken in to tenths is 10 10 tenths (10/10) Therefore 3/10 (three tenths) is 3 parts of the whole amount

How do you do three tenths in a number way?

3/10. Using 10 as a whole then 3 would be 30% of the ten. In money, same premise 3cents while 10 is the whole

How do you write two inches in tenths?

Since two is a whole number it can be written as 2 or as 20/10 .

How many tenths in the number 3?

30 because there are 10 tenths in each whole number ok dumbo

How do you get the tenths of mix number?

If you want the tenths, you can ignore the integer (whole) part of the mixed number and concentrate on the fractional part.