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2 and 3/10 = 2.3 as a decimal

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Q: What is 2 whole 3 tenths in decimal point?
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What is the digit in the tenths place 102.286?

The 2 after the decimal point is in the tenths place.

What is the decimal for one and two tenths?

The decimal for one and two tenths is 1.2. The decimal point is used to separate a whole number part from a fractional part. The whole number is one (1) while the fraction is two tenths (2/10) which is 0.2, so the answer become 1+0.2 which is 1.2.

Which is greater 4 tenths and 2 hundredths with a decimal point?

Four tenths is greater.

What is the tenths column of 63.2?

.2 The first number after the decimal point is the tenths place.

What is .2 as read in decimal form?

point two tenths

The number in front of the decimal point represents?

Whole numbers. The ones place is directly to the left of the decimal. For example, 3.2 is three ones and 2 tenths.

How do your read the decimal 1.2?

One and two tenths because the 1 is the whole, the point is called and , the 2 is the fraction that is in the tenth place.

What is 2 tenths as a whole number?

²⁄₁₀ cannot be written as a whole number, but it can be written as a decimal: 0.2

Where is the tenths place in decimals?

It is the digit to the right of the decimal point. eg. 11.26. the 2 is in the tenths place

What digit is in the tenths column of 46.2?

The tenths column is the first column after the decimal point, so it is 2.

Which column is the digit 2 of the number 65.2 in?

It is 2 tenths, as it is in the tenths column.

In the decimal number 59.247 what does the number 2 stand for?

In the decimal number 59.247, the number 2 stands for 2/10 of a whole.

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