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2kg add 2009 = 2011

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Hazel Pacocha

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Q: What is 2kg add 2009?
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Which is greater or less 2kg or 1500g?

2kg is more. 2kg = 2000g

What is the lighter 200g or 2kg?


How much is pewter worth?

$97 ndz for 2kg $97 ndz for 2kg $97 ndz for 2kg

How many gramms in 2kg?

2kg = 2000g

How do you write 2kg and 400g?

2kg and 400g

Is 2kg more than 20000g?

No. 2kg=2000g

How much is 2kg in lb?

2kg is 4.41 lbs

How much is 2kg in lbs?

2kg is 4.41 pounds.

How many 500g bags make 2kg?

We first need to convert 2kg into grams to have the same unit of measurement for both. 1kg = 1000g 2kg is then equal to 2000g Divide this then by 500g 2000g/500g = 4 500g bags make 2kg

Is 2kg the same as 3g?

No, 2kg is the same as 2,000g not 3g.

2kg of pears?

how much would it cost for 2kg of pears

2kg equals how many pounds?

2kg is 4.4 pounds.

Is 20 grams less than or greater than 2 kg?

20 grams is less than 2kg. 2kg is 2000 grams.

What weighs 2kg?

A 2 liter container of liquid, a small Chihuahua, and a heavy book can weigh 2kg. 2kg is approximately 4.4 lbs.

What is more likely for a bag of apples to weigh 2g or 2kg?


How much does an average chicken egg weigh?

2kg <--- naw its 2KG

198 grams are equal to how many kilograms?

198 kg= .2kg *198g = .2kg*

How many 2kg in 50kg?

50kg / 2kg = 25 timesAnswer: There are 25 times 2kg in 50 kg.

What is the potential energy of a 2kg vase sitting on a table with a height of 1 meter?

The gravitational potential energy of a 2kg object 1m off the ground is 2kg × g × 1m = 19.6J, where g is the acceleration at 9.8m/sec2.

Is 2kg greater than or less than 1500g?

2kg is greater than 1500g 1000g=1kg, so 2000g=2kg 2000g>1500g

What is the mass of a pencil case?


What fraction of 2kg is 500g?

500g is a 1/4 of 2kg

How many g in 2kg?

2000. 1kg is the same as 1000g, so 2kg would be the same as 2000.

Is 2kg bigger than 900 g?

yes 2kg = 2,000g = 900g + 1,100g

How do you add 2009 to 198?

2009 + 198 = 2207