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Q: What is 2n chromosomal number for valanga?
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What is the diploid number of chromosome of Valanga sp?

Family Palmae (Arecaceae) Chromosome number 2n = 32. Vernacular names ..... And grasshoppers (e.g. Valanga nigricornis).

How is the chromosomal number of a cell kept constant throughout mitosis?

yes it is, in mitosis, a cell with a diploid number (2n) of chromosomes eg 46, will produce daughter cell of equal nd diploid number of chromosomes(46)

A sum of a number and twice its number?

If the number is n, then twice the number is 2n and the sum of the two is n + 2n = 3n.

Twice what number is equal to three times that number?

let the number be n. Then: 2n = 3n ⇒ 2n - 2n = 3n - 2n ⇒ 0 = n ie, the number is zero.

How many body segments do a beetle have?

Beetles belong to the order Coleoptera of class Insecta with more then one lac species. The model chromosome number is 2n=20 with chromosomal formula 18A+Xyp.

What does the expression diploid 2n number mean to you?

Every number multiplied by 2 is an even number, so that 2n is an even number. Usually we represent an even number by 2n.

What is the formula for finding the nth hexagonal number?

The nth hexagonal number is given by the formula: hn = 2n * (2n - 1) / 2

Why does an even number plus to odd number equal to odd?

Any even number can be written in the form 2n for some natural number n.Any odd number can be written as 2n+1 for a natural number nNow add an even to an odd.2n+2n+1=4n+1 which is 2(2n)+1 and this is the form for an odd number.

How many sperm chromosome do cats have?

Cats, like most mammals, have 38 chromosomes in total. However, when it comes to sperm cells, they only carry 19 chromosomes, half of the total number, which is due to the process of genetic recombination during meiosis.

What actors and actresses appeared in La valanga - 1919?

The cast of La valanga - 1919 includes: Sergio Mari Elettra Raggio Maria Raggio

What is the 2n chromosome number for your skin cells?

The 2n (diploid) chromosome number for all of our cells is 46.

What are diploid cellls?

Diploid cells are cells with full chromosomal number.Haploids are with half chromosomal number.