What is 2x4 squared?

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(2 x 4) squared

8 squared



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Q: What is 2x4 squared?
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What is the answer to 2x4?


Can you add a 2x4 by a 2x4 matrix?


What is the actual size of a metal stud 2x4?


What is 2x4-56?

2x4-56 2x4=8 8-56= -48)

Is 2x4 equals 7 a statement?

2x4 does not equal 7, it equals 8. 2x4=8 is a correct statement.

How do calculate the area of a triangle?

What you do is you multiply the base by the height then you must half your answer. Eg: A triangle with a base of 2 cm and a height of 4cm, you would do 2x4=8 then half your answer to get 4cm squared.

What is a 2x4 truck?

a 2x4 truck has 4 wheels and uses 2 of them to drive (usually rear)

What is the actual size of a 2x4?

A 2x4 is actually 1 1/2" by 3 1/2".

What is the weight of a 2x4 wood stud?

a normal 2X4 weights between 8 to 10 pounds

How long is a 2x4?

Can be eight or eleven feet long. In actuality, it can be as long as you want. 2x4 refers to the width and height dimensions of the plank, not the length. So I could cut a 2x4 to 2 inches long and it would be a 2 inch long 2x4.

What is the weight of a pine 2x4 board?

A 2X4 would be a stud, not a board. Weight depends on the length and species, if it is pressure treated or not. 8ft. hem-fir 2X4 is about 8 pounds or so.

What is the answer for 2x4?

the answer is 8;)

How many 2x4 does it take to build a 14 x20 shed?

About 35 2x4 are required in order to build a 14x20 shed.

How much does a 2X4 weigh per foot?

2x4's weigh approximately 1.21 pounds per foot. So an 8 Foot 2x4 = 9.68 pounds 12 Foot 2x4 = 14.52 pounds 14 Foot 2x4 = 16.94 pounds Just take 1.21 pounds times the length of the board and this will give it it's overall weight. This is for pine boards.

What is 2x4 plus 1232 plus 0-2x4-1232 equals?

the answer is 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was the one who made it an unanwser question?

What year did the US change 2x4 lumber to 1.5x3.5?

A 2x4 is still 2x4- UNTIL it is run thru a planning machine. The planer removes about a quarter inch from each face, giving a DRESSED dimension of 1.5 x 3.5. However, undressed (means rough cut, unplaned) lumber is still 2x4.

What is the factor in 2X4?


What is 2x4-8?

Take the sum in stages.2x4 is 8.8-8 is 0.

Does the numerical expression of (2x4)+(3x3) have a value of 33?

17 2x4=8+(3x3)=17 3x3=9 9+8=17

3x squared - x squared?

3x squared - x squared = 2x squared

Why is johnny from ed edd n eddy called 2x4?

It's from his imaginary friend, Plank, who happens to be a 2x4 piece of wood

How many 2x4 studs for a 52ft wall?

how many 2x4 studs for a 52 ft wall 16 and 24 inches on center

What is 9x squared-15x squared?

9x squared-15x squared = -6

How much is a plywood 2x4?


What is 2x2 times x2?