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There is no such thing as the nearest decimal point - since there is only one decimal point. To the nearest whole number, the value is 3.

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Q: What is 3.041666667 rounded up to the nearest decimal point?
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What is 82.2 rounded to the nearest point?

The decimal 82.2 is 82 when rounded to the nearest point.

What is 24.683 rounded to the nearest one decimal point?

rounded to 1 decimal place it is 24.7

What is 2.62 rounded to the nearest decimal point?


What is 26.05 rounded to the nearest decimal point?


What is 132.732 rounded to the nearest decimal point?


How is a decimal points rounded to the nearest ten?

Any decimal less than one will round to zero.

What is the rond for 34.67 to 1 decimal point?

34.67, rounded to the nearest decimal point, is 34.7.

863 rounded to the nearest hundredth?


What is 0.004 rounded to nearest tenth?

It is 0.0 : the zero after the decimal point is an indication that the number is rounded to the nearest tenth.

What is 2.75590551 to one decimal point?

2.75590551 rounded to the nearest tenths (its one place after the decimal point) is 2.8.

What is rounded to the nearest hundredth?

That's rounding to two decimal places. When rounding to a specific place, take a look at the digit immediately to the right of the target, in this case, the thousandths place. If that digit is 4 or less, zero everything to the right of the target out. If that digit is 5 through 9, increase the target by one and zero everything to the right of it out. If the target is a 9, increasing it will turn it to zero and increase the digit to the left of the target by one.

What is 86.255 rounded to the nearest thousandths place?

The thousandths place is the third digit after the decimal point. 86.255 only has 3 digits after the decimal point so it is already (possibly) rounded to the nearest thousandth.

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