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it is 6.164414003

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What is the radical expression of 3 square rooted 6 - 4 square rooted 6?

- square rooted by 6

How do you know a number is a perfect square?

When it can be square rooted

What is 576 square rooted?

The square root of 576 is 24

How do you know square numbers?

When they can be square rooted into an exact integer

Is 58 a perfect square?

No, 58 can't be square rooted into an integer.

What is 146 square rooted?

They are +/- 12.0830, approx.

Is 10 square rooted a rational number?

No, it is not.

Is 15 square rooted a rational number?

No, it is not.

What is an imperfect square?

Basically a perfect square is a number like 81 or 100. When these numbers are square rooted, they equal whole numbers like 9 or 10. An imperfect square is a number that when is square rooted equals and repeating decimal, like 29 when square rooted equals 5.385164807134504... (Note: Both even and odd number can be imperfect or perfect squares.)

What is the square root 15 Times Square root 5?

About 8.66025438 or 75 square rooted

What is greater 38 or square root of 38?

38 is greater than the square root of 38

What is the nearest integer of 10 square rooted?


What is the squareroot of 36?

the answer to 36 square rooted is 6

Is 38 a square number?

No 38 is not a square number.

How much square feet does 38 square feet cover?

38 square feet covers almost exactly 38 square feet.

How may square feet in 38 square meters?

38 square meters = 409 square feet

The square root of infinity?

infinity is not considered a number it is considered a theory therefore it can not be square rooted

What is the square root of pi square rooted?

Fourth root of pi, or 3.141592654 0.25 = 1.33133

What is 38 squared?

38 square = 38 x 38 = 1444.

Is 38 a perfect square?

38 is not a perfect square. Its square root is a fraction and the square root of a perfect square is always an integer.

How many square meters is 38 square ft?

38 square feet equates to about 3.5 (3.53032) square meters.

What is the square root of 38?

The square root of 38 = ± 6.1644146+sqrt2

Can a square rooted number be a real number?

yes they can if i know what you are asking

Is 1200 a square number?

No because it can't be squared rooted evenly

What is 38 square yards converted to in square meters?

38 x 0.91442 = 31.77 metres2