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- square rooted by 6

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2012-04-24 17:01:27
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Q: What is the radical expression of 3 square rooted 6 - 4 square rooted 6?
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The expression radical 3x is equivalent to the expression x radical 3?

Radical (3x) = radical(x) * radical(3).

What is radical number?

Definition of Radical ExpressionA radical expression is an expression containing a square root.Examples of Radical Expressionare examples of radical expression.More about Radical ExpressionRadical: Thesymbol that is used to denote square root or nth roots.Radicand: Radicand is a number or expression inside the radical symbol.For example, 5 is the radicand in.Radical equation: An equation containing radical expressions with variables in the radicands.Radical inequality: An inequality containing a radical expression with the variable in the radicand.Solved Example on Radical ExpressionEvaluate the radical expression when a = 2 and b = 4.Choices:A. 9B. 8C. 7D. 6Correct Answer: DSolution:Step 1: [Substitute the values of a and b in the given radical expression.]Step 2: [Find the positive square root.]Step 3: [Multiply.]Step 4: [Add.]Step 5: = 6 [Simplify.]

Can a non-radical number be added to a radical?

An expression such as root(3) + 2 (square root of 3, added to 2) can not be simplified. Of course, you can convert the square root to a decimal and then add, to get an approximate result.

What is the radical expression of the square root of 27?

sqrt(27) = sqrt(9*3) = sqrt(9)*sqrt(3) = 3*sqrt(3)

What is the simplified expression for 3 radical 24?

6 radical 6

What is the radical expression of the square root of 147?

sqrt(147) = sqrt(49*3) = sqrt(49)*sqrt(3) = 7*sqrt(3)

What is the simplified expression for 6 radical 2 over radical 3?


What is the answer to 12 divided by square root 3?


What is the Square root of 768 in a radical?

16 radical 3

What is the value of the expression radical 48 over radical 3?

radical(48)/radical(3) = radical(48/3) = radical(16) = 4 Technically, radical(16) is +4 OR -4 but in such questions often only the principal root is required.

What is the nearest integer of 10 square rooted?


What is the square root of 126 in simplified mode?

The simplified radical expression of 126 is 3 roots of 14. 126 can be divided by the perfect square nine, fourteen times. As a result you have 3 roots of 14.

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