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Q: What is 3b plus b equal?
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Factor 3ab plus a plus 3b squared plus b?


What is b plus b plus b?


What is 8a plus b plus 32a plus 3b?


If a plus b equals 6 what is the value of 3a plus 3b?

If a + b = 6, what is the value of 3a + 3b?

What is the answer to 2a squared plus 7ab plus 3b squared?

(2a + b)(a + 3b)

Factor 3ab - a - 3b squared plus b?


If a equals -5 and b equals 4 what would 5a plus 3b equal?


2A plus 3B times 2A - 3B?

2A plus 3B times 2A - 3B = 4A2 - 9B2; this is an example of the general formula (a + b)(a - b) = a2 - b2.

-3b equals 96 plus b?

-3b=96+b -4b=96 b=-24

What is the answer to the algebraic expression b plus b plus b?

It is: b+b+b = 3b

Ab plus 3a plus b squared plus 3b?

This expression can be factored. ab + 3a + b2 + 3b = a(b + 3) + b(b + 3) = (a + b)(b + 3)

What is the factor of 3a plus ax plus 3b plus bx?

3a+ax+3b+bx = 3(a+b)+(a+b)x = (a+b)(3+x)

-b plus 4b?

equals 3b

If 3b plus 9 12then b?

If you mean 3b+9 = 12 then b equals 1

What is the answer to 3b plus 6 equals 12?

3b + 6 = 12 3b = 6 b = 2

2-3b equals 7b plus 12?

2 - 3b = 7b + 12 Let us introduce equal terms (3b - 12 in this specific case) on each side (left and right) of the equal sign, so that the 'b' term is all alone on one side of the equal sign. 2 - 3b + (3 b - 12) = 7b + 12 + (3 b - 12) -10 = 10b b = -1 =============================

Factor ab plus 3a plus b2 plus 3b?


What is the answer to 7 plus 3b equals 61?

If: 7+3b = 61 Then: b = 18

What is the value of b when 3 times b plus 4 equals b plus 12?

3b+4 = b+12 3b-b = 12-4 2b = 8 b = 4

What is 3a plus 2b plus 3c plus 2a plus 4c plus b equals?

Gathering like terms together, this is equal to 5a + 3b + 7c.

What does '2a 2b 3a 3b a b' equal?

2a+2b+3a+3b+a+b= 6a+6b 2a+3a+a=6a 2b+3b+b=6b

How do you simplify 3b plus b plus 6?

It is: 4b+6

Factor 3ab - a - 3b2 plus b?

(3b - 1)(a - b)

What is -3b equals 96 plus b?

its -24.

Does a plus b plus 2 plus 3 equals 2a plus 3b?