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4-20 an equivalent fractions = -16

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Q: What is 4-20 an equivalent fractions?
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Related questions

What are two equivalent fractions for 420?


What are two equivalent fractions for 14 and 42?

140/420 and 1400/4200 are two simple ones to generate.

What are non equivalent fractions?

Non-equivalent fractions are fractions that are not equal

What do you think equivalent fractions are?

I think that equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same answer, at he end.

What what is 1 fraction that is equivalent to 420?

It is 420/1.

Define equivalent fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same value as another fraction.

Two fractions that represent the same point on the number line?

equivalent fractions

Will equivalent fractions represent the same value?

Yes! If your fractions are equivalent.

What are equivalent and non equivalent fractions?

Equivilent means same fractions.

What are equivlent fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that are equal. So, 1/2 and 2/4 are equivalent.

What is the definition of equivalent fractions in math terms?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that are the same amount but they have different numbers.

Is like fractions are equivalent Fractions?

yeah :)

What are equal fractions called?

equivalent fractions

A sentence for equivalent?

Fractions are equivalent.

What are the 2 fractions equivalent to 0.6?

6/10 and 3/5 are two fractions equivalent to 0.6. There are an infinite number of fractions equivalent to 0.6.

What are the differents types of fractions?

like fractions,unlike fractions proper fractions ,improperfractions equivalent fractions

What are three equivalent fractions of zero?

The 3 equivalent fractions of zero is 0,0, and 0.

2 fractions equivalent to 1 8?

2 fractions equivalent to 1/8

What fractions are equivalent to 59?

fractions which are equivalent to 59 = 59/1 , 118/2, ...

What are to equivalent fractions of 0.91?

equivalent fractions of 0.91 = 91/100, 182/200

Are 9 twelfths and 3 fourths equivalent fractions?

Yes, those are equivalent fractions.

What fractions are equivalent to 520?

what fractions are equivalent to 5/20

Are the fractions 45 and 310 equivalent?

4/5 and 3/10 are not equivalent fractions

What are fractions that have the same value?

They are called equivalent fractions

How many fractions are equivalent to 45?

There are infinite fractions.