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4.5 + (-9.2) = -4.7

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Q: What is 4 and a half plus negative 9 and one fifth?
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What is 4 and 1 fifth plus negative 9 and one half?


Negative one half plus one?


What is one half plus one fifth plus one tenth?

They add up to 4/5

What is four plus negative one half?

It's three and one half.

What is negative three fourths plus negative three fourths?

negative one and a half

What is negative one half plus four and one third equal?

negative 12 i guess

What is negative one fourths plus one half?


What is negative three fifths plus one half?

negative 3 fifths is negative 0.6. Negative 0.6+0.5=negative 1.1

What is three tenths plus one fifth?

Three tenths = 0.3, and one fifth = 0.2, so 0.3 + 0.2 equals 0.5 or one half.

What is 1 fifth plus 1 fifth?

One fifth plus one fifth is two fifths (2/5).

What is 1 fifth plus 3 tenths?

one half

What is one half plus three-fifth?

1/2 + 3/5 = 1.1

What is three fifth plus one half?

11/10 or 1 and 1/10

What is a half plus one fifth?

It is: 1/2+1/5 = 7/10

What is a fifth of 80 plus half of 60?

One fifth of 80 is 16. Half of 60 is 30 so 16+30=46 Hope this helps!!! Audrey S

What is negative one fifth divided by negative 3?

Negative one fifth (-1/5) divided by negative 3 is positive one fifteenth (1/15)

What is one half minus one fifth?

One half minus one fifth is 3 tenths

What is one half to the negative fifth power?

Same as saying 2^5 = 32

What is one fifth plus negative four?

The sum of 1/5 and -4 is -3 4/5

What is the best estimate of a quarter plus a fifth?

Nine twentieths, or just under one half.

What is the answer to y equals negative one half plus 2?

y = 1.5

What is 15 and one half divided by 2 and one fifth?

15 and one half divided by 2 and one fifth = 7.5

What is one sixth plus one fifth plus one fourth plus one third plus one half?

1/6 plus 1/5 plus 1/4 plus 1/3 plus 1/2 = 1 9/20 or 1.45

Is a fifth of hennessy half of a half gallon of hennessy?

The term "a fifth" refers to one fifth of a gallon. One fifth of a gallon = 750ml. Therefore, a fifth of Hennessy = One 750ml bottle of Hennessy. :-)

What is 1 half of 1 fifth?

One half of one fifth is one tenth. You just 'double' the denominator if you want to get half of the fraction.

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