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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is 4 percent of fifty thousand dollars?
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What is 20 percent of 20 thousand dollars?

It is: 4 thousand dollars

What is 4 percent of fifty five thousand?

4% of 55,000 is 2,200.

What is 40 percent of 10 thousand dollars?

4 thousand

What is four percent of one thousand and thirty dollars?

4% of 1030 dollars = 1030*4/100 dollars = 41.2 dollars

What is 3 percent of 4 million dollars?

120 thousand dollars.

What is 20 percent of 200 hundred thousand dollars?

40 hundred thousand dollars - better known as 4 million dollars.

What is four percent of four hundred and twenty thousand dollars?

It is: 4% of 420,000 = 16,800 dollars

How do you write numeral 4 millions fifty thousand?

4 millions fifty thousand is: 4,050,000

What is one fourth of a milli dollares?

One fourth (1/4) of 1 million dollars is two hundred fifty thousand dollars. That is ...$1,000,000/4 = $250,000

How much is 80 thousand nickels in dollars?

4 thousand dollars.

What is the monthly payment for a seven year loan of 25 thousand dollars at 4 percent annually?


What is 4 percent of 2 million dollars?

4 percent of 2 million dollars is 80,000 dollars.

8 percent of what number is 4?


What is 4 percent off of 295 dollars?

4 percent off of 295 dollars is $11.8.

WHAT IS 4 percent of 7 million dollars?

4 percent of 7 million dollars is 280,000 dollars, (I worked that out in my head.)

What is 4 dollars plus 8.25 percent tax?

4 U.S. dollars + (8.25 percent) = 4.33 U.S. dollars

How do you fifty cents make 2dollar?

4 fifty cents makes 2 dollars.

How do you write 4 lakhs fifty thousand?


How is 4 million dollars written in thousands of dollars?

4,000 thousand dollars.

What percent of 5 dollars is 4 dollars?

It is 80%

What is 10 percent of 40 dollars?

4 dollars.

What is 80 percent of 5 dollars?

4 dollars

What is 4 percent of 4000 dollars?

$160.00 dollars

How do you write quarter million dollars?

There are four quarters in a dollar. A quarter (1/4) of a million dollars is equal to 250,000 dollars, since four times that would give you a million. In word form, it is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

What is 4 tenths of one thousand and fifty?

4/10 x 1050 = 4020