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50% is half.

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Q: What is 50 percent as a fracton?
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Related questions

What is 42 percent as a fracton?

42% = 21/50

What is 82 percent as a fracton?

82% = 41/50

What is 38 percent as a fracton?

38% as a fraction = 38/100 or 19/50 38%/100% = 38/100 or 19/50

What is 66.66 percent as a fracton?

Two thirds

What is 12.5 percent as a fracton?

One Eighth

What is 20 percent as a fracton?


What is 13 percent as a fracton?


What is 25 percent as a fracton?

It is: 1/4

What is the fracton for 40 percent?

40% = 2/5

What is 64 percent as a fracton?

As a fraction, 64% = 64/100 = 16/25

Five quantitative ways to describe the composition of solutions?

Percent by mass, percent by vol, molarity,molality, and mole fracton

What is 8 percent in a fracton?

8/100 By the way, you spelled fraction wrong. :3

65 percent is equal to what fracton?

Percent means hundredths, so just write this as 65/100. Usually you will want to simplify this.

What is two hundredths?

It is: 2/100 = 1/50 simplified as a fracton or 0.02 as a decimal

What is 60 percent in fraction and decimal form?

fracton 3/5ths decimal 0.60

7.5 percent into a fracton?

Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its lowest terms, 7.5 / 100 is equal to 3/40, or three fortieths.

Covering the brake pedal can cut reaction time by what percent?


What is 0 as a decimal?

0 percent as a fracton is 0/100 so as a percent it will be 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000( it will go for ever)ANSWER:The answer will always be zero.

50 percent or 50 percents?

50 percent is correct.

What is 50 percent of 50?

50 percent of 50 is 25

How do you write a fracton as a percent?

Divide the denominator into the numerator. Multiply the result by 100. 4/7 = 4 divided by 7 = 0.5714 = 57.14%

How do you do 50 percent plus 50 percent?

50% + 50% = 100%

What is 68 percent of 50 percent?

68 percent of 50 percent is 34 percent.

What is 50 percent percent of 18.50?

50 percent percent of 18.50 is 9.25.

How do you change a fracton into a percent?

Divide the numerator by the denominator and move the decimal point two places to the right. Example: 27/36 = 0.75 or 75%