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55 divided by 5 show the quick way of dividing = 11

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Q: What is 55 divided by 5 show the quick way of dividing?
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What is one quick way to tell whether or not a cell is dividing?

One quick way to tell whether or not a cell is dividing is to look at the number of chromosomes. If the number is doubled then it is dividing.

What is a quick way to divide by 0.5?

Dividing by 0.5 is the same as dividing by 1/2. The quick way is to multiply by 2 which will provide the right result each time.

What is a quick way to judge the relative size of a fraction?

Convert to its decimal equivalent (by dividing denominator into numerator).

What is a quick way to multiply by 2 without a calculator?

x by 10 ÷ by 5 dividing by 5: x by 10 ÷ by 2

Is davisable by another way of saying divided by?

Divisible means it CAN be divided by. If you write "The number 4 is divisible by 2," you are not dividing it in 2, you are simply stating that it can be done.

The quotient of dividing 906 and 3?

the answer is 302 because 906 divided by 3 = 302 in the same way 12 divided by 3 = 4 so 4 is the quotient

What is a dividing shortcut?

the shortcut way of dividing is mutiplying

The number of ways of dividing 52 cards equally into four sets?

1. (as with any number, it can only be divided equally one way)

What did the Virginia Plan propose as a way of dividing power in the government?

go and look for it in your mind oh and its that they divided the supreme court in to three branches:)

How do you show a number divided by zero is undefined?

Programming language? For example: For A ÷ B If B = 0 Then Answer = "Undefined" Else Answer = A ÷ B End If By the way, in Calculus, you often find out that 'passing the limit' you will get a rational value when dividing by zero. It depends on the equation.

Which way do you move the decimal when dividing?

You always move the decimal to the right when dividing by a number which is not a whole number. For example: In the problem 100 divided by .01, you would move the decimal two places to the right for divisor and dividend leaving you with 10000 divided by 1.

How do you figure out a prime number?

There is no quick way to work out if a number is prime or not, the only way is to see if it can be divided by any numbers that aren't itself or one.

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