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Q: What is 55 with 20 percent off and 6 percent on sales tax?
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If a 65 dress is on sale for 20 percent and the sales tax is 7 percent what is the total purchase price?

The total price with the discount and sales tax is: $55.64

If sales tax equal 6 percent how much tax would there be on a purchase of 20 dollars?

it is

What is the sales price on a jacket priced 725 if the sales tax rate is 7 percent?

Answers for Adding 20 Percent To 725 Is

How much is 6 percent sales tax on 20 dollars?

The total tax is $1.20 and the total price with tax is $21.20

How much percent off are on the Christmas sales?

10 to 20%

How do you solve total cost for something that is 52 dollars and 20 percent off and the sales tax is 7 percent?

Assuming the discount is applied before the sales tax is added... 20% of 52 is 10.4, so the price after discount is 41.60. 7% of 41.60 is 2.91 - so your final price is 44.51

What is the sales price of 40 if the discount is 20 percent off?


If a pen costs 125.00 what would be the sales price if there were a 20 percent discount?

If there is no tax, $100.

How much is tax on an iPod?

Tax is determined by your state sales tax. Their is no such thing as "Ipod Tax". Take the cost of the Ipod then multiply it by the sales tax percent and add your result to the original cost of the Ipod. Ipod coasts: $200 State sales tax: 10% $200x10%= $20 $200(original cost) + $20(tax)= Total cost of Ipod

What is the toal cost of an item when the item is 55 and discount is 20 percent and sales tax 5percent?


What is the price with 20 percent off the original price 160.87?

$128.70 + tax.

You want to buy a shirt that costs 20 The sales tax is 7.25 percent What is the total cost of the shirt?

1.45 dollars

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