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Q: What is the toal cost of an item when the item is 55 and discount is 20 percent and sales tax 5percent?
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What is the total cost of an item when the item is 55 and discount is 20 percent and sales tax 5percent?

55 - 20% + 5% = 55 * 0.80 * 1.05 = 46.20

What is the total cost of an electronic game if there is 15 percent discount as well as a eight sales tax?

You need the cost of the game before the 15% discount in order to answer this question.

What is the total cost of a 136 dollar radio that has a 25 percent discount and a 5 percent sales tax?

The total tax is $5.10 and the total price with tax is $107.10

How can you find total cost if the sales price is 22.49 and the discount rate is 3 percent?

If you get a 3% discount, the you'll pay 97% of the list price.0.97 x $22.49 = $21.82

What is the discount when 10 percent is given on a cost price of 500?

discount =50

How do you solve total cost for something that is 52 dollars and 20 percent off and the sales tax is 7 percent?

Assuming the discount is applied before the sales tax is added... 20% of 52 is 10.4, so the price after discount is 41.60. 7% of 41.60 is 2.91 - so your final price is 44.51

What is 15 percent discount of 25?

The discount is -4.25 bringing the cost down to 21.25

When a discount is 10 percent is given on on an item being sold at a profit of 20 percent on the cost price the sales volume trebles what is the ratio of new profit to original profit?


What is a 10 percent discount of 140?

A 10 percent discount of 140 is a discount of 14 (.10 x 140) Thus after a 10 percent discount, something that costs 140 would now cost 140 - 14 = 126

Calculate the total cost of items that cost 25.67 with a 6 percent city sales tax and a 1.65 percent county sales tax?


If sales price is 200 percent of cost how do you work out what the cost is?

Divide Sales Price by 200% (ie 2). So cost is half of sales price.

What is the formulae of cp if profit and discount percent is given?

if profit , discount % and cost price is given write the formulae to fine cost price

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