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Not sure about 5 holes, but 5 whole ones and a half is 11/2

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Q: What is 5 hole ones and a half as an improper number?
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How many halves are in 5 hole ones?

Half a hole is still a hole, so the answer is five!

If two women can dig two holes in two dayshow long does it take for one woman to dig half a hole?

Half a hole cannot be dug as it will always be a hole. However, to dig a hole half the size of the ones dug, It takes one woman one day to dig half a hole.

What is the most number of hole in ones in one round of golf?


How many hole in ones has Tiger Woods got?

Tiger Woods has 18 career hole-in-ones. 2 in majors

How many players have never made a hole in one?

All the ones who have not made one. Count the number who have made at least one hole in one, and then subtract that by the total number of people in the population of golf players.

How rare is a hole in one in golf?

That depends on which hole. Shorter holes will have more common hole in ones than long ones. In general, still very rare.

Name a 3 digit number that has twice as many ones as tens and half as many hundreds as ones?

112 224 336 448

Where did tiger woods get his tournement hole in ones?

16th Hole At TPC Scottsdale

How many PGA hole in ones did Art Wall Jr have?

Art Wall Jr. had 44 hole in ones in PGA Play.

What is the Record number of Holes in one in golf?

A California man, Norman Manley has had 59 hole in ones. This is considered the most.

How many hole in ones does Nicklaus have?


How many hole in ones did seve have?


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Who has the most hole in ones in golf?

Tiger Woods

How many hole in ones does rory mcilroy have?


How many halves are in 6 hole ones?


What can pierce ones ears without hole?


How many halves are in 10 hole ones?

The idea is to divide 10 by (1/2). Half is the same as 0.5. if you divide 10 by 0.5 on a calculator, you get 20

Are odd numbers in square numbers?

Half of all square numbers are odd. They are the ones which are the square of an odd number.

How do you fix the ozone hole?

To fix the ozone hole, stop using CFC's. They are the ones depleting ozone.

How many hole in ones have been on the PGA tour?


How many hole in ones have there been in the history of the masters?


How many halves in 9 hole ones In maths?


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The Number Ones was created in 1983.

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The thinning of ozone layer is called as ozone hole. CFC's are the ones that create the ozone hole.