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5/12 minus 1/9 = 11/36 in its simplest form

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Q: What is 5 over 12 - 1 over 9 as a whole number or as a fraction?
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Related questions

What is 3 over 7 as a whole number?

3 over 7 is a fraction and is not equivalent to a whole number.

How do you write a fraction as a whole number 20 over 12?

20/12 can not be expressed as a whole number but as a mixed number it is 1 and 2/3

Is 12 over 12 a proper fraction or an improper fraction?

Neither. It is the whole number, 1.

What is 2 as the whole number and the fraction 9 over 12 into a decimal?

2.75 is.

What is the whole number for 36 over 12?

36 over 12 (as a fraction) is basically the same as 36 divided by 12. Just do the division.

What is a fraction of 12?

12 is a whole number

What is the value of a whole number minus a fraction like 1 minus 5 over 12?

The way to figure this out is to convert the whole number into a fraction with the same denominator as the fraction being subtracted. Let's do this one. 1 - (5/12) = (12/12) - (5/12) = At this point, you have 12 over 12 minus 5 over 12, and to work a fraction like that where you have a common denominator, you can take the numerators and subtract them and put the result over 12. It will look like this: (12 - 5) / 12 = 7/12 That 7/12 is your answer. You don't even have to reduce it.

How do you write a fraction as a product of a whole number and unit of fraction?

how to write 6/9 as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction.

How do you write 12 as an improper fraction?

any whole number as a praction is over one. 12/1 is your answer

What is 4 over 12 - 1over 9 in a whole number or fraction?

4/12 minus 1/9 = 2/9 in its simplest form

Number the sum of a whole number and a fraction?

The sum of a whole number and a fraction is a mixed number.

What number is 12 percent of 75?

a over 75 (fraction) = 12 over 100 (fraction)

How do you change this whole number 12 into an improper fraction?

24/12 = 12

How can we convert 8 712 into improper fraction?

To convert a mixed number to an improper fraction, multiply the denominator by the whole number, add that total to the numerator and put the whole thing over the original denominator. 103/12

Convert 2ft 8 in to a fraction?

If you're doing a whole number as one foot, then the fraction would be 2 and 8 over 12, which would simplify to 2 and 2 over 3.

What is 45 divided by 12 as a whole number?


What is 12 over 10 as an whole number?

12/10 does not equal a whole number.

12 over 12 as a whole number?

12 over 12 is 1.

How do you convert 12.10 into a mixed number?

A mixed number is a whole number with a fraction. The answer would be 12 and 1/10. 12 is the whole number an .1 becomes 1/10.

How do you write 13 over 12 as a whole number?

13/12 is not a whole number and so you cannot write it as a whole number.

What is the fraction 66 over 72 in simplest form turned into a mixed number?

The answer would be 11 over 12 and it can't be changed into a mixed fraction since it isn't an improper fraction unless you meant 72 over 66. Then the answer would be 1 whole and 1 over 11.

Which improper fraction is the same as 3 and one fourth?

3 1/4 is 13/4 as an improper fraction. to change a mixed number to an improper fraction just multiply the denominator by the whole number then add the numberator to that product. Take the answer and put it over your denominator. In this case 4 is the denominator.. so you multiply that by the whole number which is 3 in this case... the product would be 12. then you add 12 by the numerator which is 1 in this case. this will equal 13. then you take 13 and put 13 over the denominator which is 4. and this is how you find a mixed number to an improper fraction.

How can you change a mixed number into a fraction?

So the mix number can be 2 4/6 (2 is the whole number. 4 is the Numinator and the 6 is the denominator) So Then you multiply the whole number (2) by the denominator(6) Once you multiply your answer should be 12. Then With the answer your got (12) you add 12 plus the Numinator (4) 12+4=16 Then your answer in fraction is 16/6

Can the fraction 12 over 65 be reduced?

using the factors of 65 you have 1, 65, 13, 5. The factors for 12 are 1,12, 3, 4, 2, 6. Since none of those are the same, you cannot reduce the fraction with a whole number.

What is the fraction of 30 percent of 40?

30% of 40 is 12 which is a whole number, not a fraction.