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The answer to this is -4, or negative 4. A positive number minus a positive number bigger than it will always be negative.

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Q: What is 5minus positive 9?
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What is positive 6 plus positive 3?

9 i think but you know if its positive then its 9

What is positive 9 divided by negative 9?


What is positive reciprocity?

in the fraction 9/10 the positive reciprocity is 9

Positive 4 plus positive 5 subtracting integers?

The answer would be +9 because if both integers are positive then your answer would be + somthing so in this case 5+4 is 9 and its positive +9

How many positive integers equal 9?

1. The only positive integer that equals 9 is 9.

What is negative 2 times positive 9?

-2 times positive 9 = -18

What is a positive 3 divided by a positive 9?


What is the positive sqare root of a number?

Square roots can be positive or negative. 9 x 9 = 81 -9 x -9 = 81 9 is the positive square root of 81.

What is negative 3 to the 2nd power?

9. Any negative number squared is positive.

What is positive 8 minus positive 17?


How do you find gcf of negative number?

By treating it as a positive number. Since negative numbers include the factors of their positive counterparts and all positive numbers are greater than all negative numbers, the GCF will always be positive. The GCFs of (3, 9), (3, -9), (-3, 9) and (-3, -9) are all the same: positive 3.

What is absolute value of 9?

The absolute value of 9 is 9. the absolute value makes a number positive |9| 9 is already positive.

What is bigger negative 9 or positive 6?

positive 6

How do you know which number is greater when one is positive and one negative?

You would figure out which number is bigger when there is a positive and a negitive number buy looking for the positive number. For example, when it says Which one is greater -9 or 9 you would chose +9 because -9 is below zero and +9 is above zero.

What is the answer to negative nine plus positive nine?

-9 + 9 = 0

What is negative 9 minus positive 9?

Negative 18.

What is the mean of the first 9 positive odd integers?

It is 9.

What are the positive factors for 9?

1, 3, 9.

Why can the square root of 9 be 3 or -3?

a negative multiplied by a negate is a positive a positive multiplied by a positive is a postivive therefore the square root of 9 can be + or - 3

What is positive 7 plus negative 9?

7 + (-9) = 7 - 9 = -2

What is -3 times a -3?

The answer is positive 9. Negative plus negaitve is a positive.

Evaluate each expression | 9?

Evaluate each expression. | 9 | = -9 because Multiplying and Dividing with Positive and Negative Numbers. ... When the signs of the two numbers are the same, the answer will be positive. When the signs of the two numbers are different, the answer will be negative.

How can you tell which is positive and which is negative by numbers?

the number that has the minus sign in front of it is negative and the normal number is positive example: negative: -9 positive: 9

When is the sum of a positive integer and a negative integer positvie?

The sum of a positive integer and a negative integer is positive when the positive integer is greater. For example: 9 + (-5) = 4 In this case, the positive integer 9 is greater than the negative integer 5. Therefore, the sum is positive.

What a positive plus a negative?

a positive plus a negative is a positive example 9-(-2) you would change the double negative to a positive hope this helped :)