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60 miles divided by 60 seconds = 1

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Q: What is 60 miles divided by 60 seconds?
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How long would it take to drive a mile at 200 miles per hour?

At 200MPH it takes 18 seconds to go one mile 200MPH divided by 60 minutes in a an hour gives 3.3 miles in one minute. And, 60 seconds (one minute) divided by 3.3 imiles is 18 seconds

How many hours are in 36000 seconds?

There are 10 hours in 36,000 seconds. 36000 divided by 60 seconds/minute divided by 60 minutes/hr = 10 hours

How many feet per second are in 40 miles per hour?

40 miles x 5,280 feet per mile = a lot a lot divided by 60 minutes divided by 60 seconds = 58.67 feet per second

A degree is divided into 60 parts called?

Degrees are divided into minutes. Minutes are divided into seconds. Degrees, minutes and seconds.Every degree is divided into 60 minutes.

How long does it take light to tavel between Los Angeles and new york?

The distance is 2,462 miles.Light travels at 670,616,629 mph.2,462 / 670,616,629 mph equals 0.000003671248063 hours.Multiply by 60 for minutes equals 0.000220274883759 minutes.Multiply by 60 for seconds equals 0.013216493025555 seconds.So about 13 thousands of a second (milliseconds).- Or -670,616,629 mph divided by 60 minutes per hour equals 11176943.82 miles per minute.11176943.82 miles per minute divided by 60 seconds per minute equals 186282.4 miles per second.2,462 miles divided by 186282.4 miles per second equals 0.013216493025555 seconds or 13.2 milliseconds.

How many seconds in 1degree?

Just like an hour, a degree is also divided into 60 minutes, each of which is divided into 60 seconds - so, one degree has 3600 seconds. Often called "arc-seconds", to avoid confusion.

How many seconds are in a minute of angle?

Each angle minute is divided into 60 seconds.

How many seconds subdivide 1 minute of latitude?

For precision purposes, degrees of longitude and latitude have been divided into minutes (') and seconds ("). There are 60 minutes in each degree. Each minute is divided into 60 seconds. Seconds can be further divided into tenths, hundredths, or even thousandths.

Change 380 seconds as min and seconds?

You divide 380 by 60= 6.3. 60 divided by 3= 20. 380 seconds is 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

How do you convert 1400 seconds into minutes?

1400 divided by 60.

How Many Hours Are In 43200 Secounds?

43200 divided by 60 (because there's 60 seconds in a minute)=720. 720 divided by 60(because there's 60 minutes in an hour)= 12. There are 12 hours in 43200 seconds.

How many minutes are there in a dergree?

60. There are 360 degrees in a circle, each degree can be divided into 60 minutes and each minute divided into 60 seconds.

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