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A trick for figuring out squares of larger numbers that is sometimes helpful: if you can write the numbers as the product of two different numbers, then you can square those two numbers and multiply that to find the square of the original.

602 = 102*62 = 100*36 = 3600

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Q: What is 60 squared?
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Is 60 a squared number?


What number squared is 60?


What is the value of 60 squared?


Is 60 a perfect square?

No, 7 squared is 49 and 8 squared is 64.

U squared +19u =-60?


Is 4 a squared number and a factor of 60?


What is x squared -4x-60?


How may sq meteres is 60 inches by 102 inches?

60 x 102 inches is 6120 inches squared, which is equal to 3.94 meters squared

A rectangle has a perimeter of 38 cm and an area of 60 m squared what is the length and width?

This question is impossible to answer because the possible length and width of the rectangle could be 15 cm and 4 cm respectively but 15*4 = 60 cm squared and not 60 m squared.

What is 60 square yards in meters squared?

60 square yards equates to 50.1676 m2

What pill has 60 on one side and a squared m on the other side?

oxycodone 60 mg

What is prime factorization of 60 using exponanats?

2 squared X 3 x 5 = 60

What two whole numbers does 3 and square root of 60 lie between justify your answer?

The square root of 60 lies between 7 and 8 because 7 squared is 49 and 8 squared is 64 and 60 is in between 49 and 64.

The length of one side of an equilateral triangle is 11 Find the length of the altitude?

each angle is 60 degrees. If you know trigonometry sin 60 = Altitude/length of side (from Pythagoras) A = 9.526 inch Or, from Pythagoras theorem 5.5 squared + Altitude squared = 11 squared Altitude = 9.526

How do you factor x squared minus 16x plus 60?

It is: x2-16x+60 = (x-6)(x-10) when factored

What square numbers are between 60 and 70?

The only square number of an integer between 60 and 70 is 64, which is 8 squared.

How many bricks are there in 1m squared?

There are 60 bricks per m2. (59.26 to be precise).

If a room is 10ft x 6ft how many square feet is that?

60 feet squared

What does x equal when x squared minus 17x equals 60?

5 or 12

What is the resistance on a 60 watt bulb?

The formulas you are looking for is R = E squared/W or R = W/I squared For 60W@12V the resistance is 2.4 Ohms

What is the area of 60 meter by 8 meter?

60 meters * 8 meters = 48 meters squared or an area of 48 square meters.

What is the factor to x squared plus 7x minus 60?

(x - 5)(x + 12)

What is 2 squared times 45 divided by 3?


How many meters of fire wood in a ton?

1.7 metres squared, or 60 feet in the old language

What is the square feet of a 60 foot wide circle?

Area of a circle: pi times radius squared