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622 / 2 = 311

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Q: What is 622 split in half?
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Did the moon been split in half?

the moon did split in half

Does marble split in half?

Yes Marble does split in half

What is one half of one and one fourth?

.622 .625

Split-half method for testing reliability?

advantages of split half reliability

What is the split of the Roman Empire?

the split of the roman empire is when an emperor split it in half and gave the other half to his adopted brother.

How did Africa split in half?

Africa is not "split in half" . It remains a viable, single continent.

Why is the table of elements split in half?

The periodic table of elements (Table of Mendeleev) is not split in half.

Did the rms titanic ever split in half?

the titanic did split in half bob barred found out when he found the titanic

What are the divisible of 622?

The factors of 622 are 1, 2, 311, 622

what is the number 132 split in half?


What is the reverse of multiply by 622?

Divide by 622.

What is double 234?

117 ,you just split 200 is half then split 30 in half and half of 4 is 2 ,now add them together

What can you split in half to make half a cup?

Half a cup is 4 ounces.

Is it possible to split a wishbone perfectly in half?

This past Thanksgiving,my son and I split a dried chicken bone right in half :)

Would gravity hold the world together if it split in half?

Gravity is too strong to allow the world to split in half.

Can you split a 200 mg morphine in half?

You can physically split a pill of morphine in half. Splitting an amount of liquid morphine is half would be more tricky though.

How do they split atoms?

you can t split atoms in half because they are so small.

Can you write a sentence using the word split?

Let's split the cake in half.

What is the word for 'split evenly'?

Bisect, cut in half, split fifty-fifty.

What is 5598 divided by 9?


What is 384 split in half?


What is 3750 split in half?


What is half a bottle of champagne called?

A split of champagne is a half bottle

What are the equivalent fractions of 622?

equivalent fractions of 622 = 622/1, 1244/2, 1866/3, ...

What is a split chicken breast?

A split chicken breast is a chicken breast that is cut in half.