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Q: What is 6 and one third minus 4 and two fifths equal?
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What is two fifths minus one third?

Two fifths minus one third is 1/15.

What does 4 and one fifth minus two and three fifths equal?

Call it 21 fifths minus 13 fifths, ie 8 fifths which is one-and-three-fifths

What does four fifths minus one fifths equal?

4/5 minus 1/5 = 3/5

What is nine tenths minus what equal one fifth?

Eight Fifths

What is nine tenths plus two fifths minus one fourth?

Nine tenths plus two fifths minus one fourth is equal to 1.05

Does two fifths equal to one third?


What is 4 fifths minus 3 fourths?

One-twentieth. 4 fifths is equal to 16 twentieths. 3 fourths is equal to 15 twentieths. 16 minus 15 is one.

Is one third the equal to greater then or less than two fifths?

One third is greater than two fifths.

What does three fifths minus one fourth equal?


What is negative 6 and three twenty-fifths minus one third?

We can convert into seventy-fifths. 6 and nine seventy-fifths minus twenty-five seventy-fifths equals negative 6 and thirty-four seventy-fifths.

What is two fifths minus one?

minus three fifths

What is eleven fifteenths minus two fifths?

Two fifths is six fifteenths. Eleven fifteenths minus six fifteenths is five fifteenths, which is also one third.

What does four fifths minus one fourths equal?

11/20 or 0.55

What is 3 and one third minus 2 and 4 fifths?

3/5 ths

What is one minus one half and minus one third?

1 minus 1/2 minus 1/3 is equal to 0.166667

What is 1 third minus 2 fifths?

Converting to fifteenths, it is 5 fifteenths - 6 fifteenths, which gives minus one fifteenth.

What is one whole minus two fifth?

One whole minus two fifths is three fifths.

What is three fifths minus one third?

4 --- 15

Does one third plus two fifths equal a cup?


What is one third minus three fifths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 1/3 - 3/5 = -4/15 or minus four fifteenths. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to -0.26 recurring (that is, -0.26666...)

What is one minus two fifths?

three fifths

What is one minus three fifths?

two fifths

What is one half minus one fifths?

Minus one tenth.

What is one fifteenth minus two fifths?

Find the "common denominator". 2/5 is 6/15. So 1 fifteenth minus 6 fifteenths is minus 5 fifteenths , or minus one third

What is seven twelves minus one third equal?

a quarter :)