What is 6t-2t plus 5u?

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6t -2t + 5u = 4t - 5u

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Q: What is 6t-2t plus 5u?
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5u plus 2 equals -18?

5u + 2 = -185u = -20u = -4

Solve for k when r equals 5k plus 5u?

r = 5k + 5ur - 5u = 5kk = r/5 - u

What is the answer to 2u plus 1 5u plus 5?

2u + 1 = 5u + 5 2u - 5u = 5 - 1 -3u = 4 3u = -4 u = -4/3

What is the value of you in this equation 5u 10 equals u plus 46?

If you mean: 5u+10 = u+46 Then the value of u is 9

What is the value of you in this equation 5u-10 equals you plus 46?

Do you mean 5u-10 = u+46? If so then:- 5u-10 = u+46 5u-u = 46+10 4u = 56 u = 14

What is the answer to 23 plus 5u equals 17?

23 + 5u = 17Subtract 17 23 from both sides:5u = -6Divide both sides by 5:u = -6/5

-5u plus 4 plus 8u equals 43?

-5u + 4 + 8u = 43simplify by subtracting 4 from both sides of the equation to get rid of the 4 on the left:-5u + 8u = 43Simplify further by combining the -5u and the 8u:3u = 43Divide both sides by 3 to solve for u:u = 43/3rewrite the fraction:u = 14 1/3

Is 9 plus 3u plus 5u plus 4v a product of four factors?

No. It is a sum of four terms which can be simplified to a sum of three terms.

What 18u -5u?


How do you factor 81 minus 25u squared?

(9 - 5u)(9 + 5u)

What is 3u minus 5u?

3u - 5u= - 2u=====

What happened to the owl who swallowed a watch?

-5x-(7x+2) She turned clockwise.

Solve for u. How do you solve -29 equals -4 plus 5u?

- 29 = - 4 = 5uadd 4 to each side- 29 + 4 = - 4 + 4 + 5u- 25 = 5udivide both sides integers by 5- 25/5 = (5/5)u- 5 = u========check in original equation- 29 = - 4 + 5(- 5)- 29 = - 4 - 25- 29 = - 4 + (- 25)- 29 = - 29=============checks

How do you solve 7-5u equals -43?

in the question 7-5u=-43, the answer to u is -45, because 7-5=2, 2x-45=-43. so u=-43.

Free rider maps?

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What is 5u-25 in factored form?




How do you factor completely 10u7-45u6 plus 45u5?

10u7 - 45u6 + 45u5 = 5u5 (2u2 - 9u + 9) = 5u5 (2u - 3) (u - 3)

What has the author P Limagne written?

P. Limagne has written: 'La .5u'

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How do you factor 24uv plus 35uยฒ -30uยณ-28v?

24uv + 35u2 - 30u3 - 28v = 24uv - 28v - 30u3 + 35u2 = 4v*(6u - 7) - 5u2(6u - 7) = (4v - 5u2)*(6u - 7)

How do you solve 2u square minus 14u over 5u square times 15u square over 4u minus 28?


What is the derivative of 40u to the fifth power divided by 5u to the second power with respect to u?

24u to the second power. Differentiate 40u to the fifth power which is 200u to the fourth power and 5u to the second power which is 10u. Subtract 400u to the sixth power from 1000u to the sixth power which is 600u to the sixth power. Then square 5u to the second power which is 25u to the fourth power. Finally, divide 600u to the sixth power by 25u to the fourth power. The solution is 24u to the second power. Another method is simplifying it to 8u cubed (to the third power) and taking the power rule. Take 3 times 8u which is 24u and subtract 1 from 3 in exponent which is 2. The answer is 24u to the second power.

Find all the solutions to the equation 2u4 plus 38u2 equals 16u3 plus 24u?

2u4 + 38u2 = 16u3 + 24u ∴ u3 - 8u2 + 19u - 12 = 0 ∴ (u - 3)(u2 - 5u + 4) = 0 ∴ (u - 3)(u - 4)(u - 1) = 0 ∴ u ∈ {1, 3, 4} * * * Because u is a factor of both sides of the equation given, u = 0 is also a solution.

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