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6x plus 3y minus 2x plus 5y equals 4x plus 8y.

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Q: What is 6x plus 3y-2x plus 5y?
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What is the maximum value of 6x plus 5y in the feasible region?


Simplifying rational expressions 6x-5y plus -3x-4y?

(6x - 5y) + (-3x - 4y) =6x - 5y - 3x - 4y =3x - 9y =3 (x - 3y)

What is -6x plus 5y equal1 and 6x plus 4yequal -10?

x= -1 y=-1

What is 6x plus 3y-2x-5y?


What is 6x - 8y -5x plus 3y?

It's an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: x-5y

Find the quotient of 6x 6yx-y185x-5y?

6x and 5y

What is '6x-5y-2x-3y plus 9x-y'?


(5x-2y) plus (x-3y)?

It is: 6x-5y simplified

What is the answer to 6x-8y-5x plus 3y?

It is: x-5y simplified

What is the LCM of 6x and 5y?

The LCM is 30xy.

What is 6x-5y15 in slope-intercept form?

6x - 5y = 15 6x - 6x - 5y = 15 - 6x -5y = -6x + 15 (-5y)/-5 = (-6x)/-5 + 15/-5 y = 6/5x - 3 where 6/5 is the slope and y-intercept is -3.

What is -6x plus 3y equals -18 -10 plus 5y equals -30 using substitution?

The question is not quite clear, do you mean -6x+3y = -18 and -10+5y = -30? If so then the solution is: -10+5y= -30 5y = -30+10 5y = -20 y = -4 Substitute the value of y into the equation -6x+3y = -18: Answer: x = 1 and y = -4

What is the answer 6x-8y-5x plus 3y?

The given expression can be simplified to: x-5y

What is 6x-8y-5x plus 3y?

It can be simplified to: x-5y

6x - 10y equals 2 2x plus 5y equals 9?

(2, 1)

What is the answer to 6x plus 5y plus 5z-4x plus 4z-6y?

The above expression simplifies to 2x-y+9z

How do you solve 6x plus 5y equals 8?

6X + 5Y = 8 subtract 6X from both sides 5Y = -6X + 8 divide both sides by 5 Y = -6/5X+ 8/5 now you have a line of slope -6/5 that intersects the Y axis at 8/5. (Solve for X to get X intercept)

What are the x- and y- intercepts for 6x plus 5y -3 equals 0?

The x-intercept is where y = 0 → 6x + 5(0) - 3 = 0 → 6x = 3 → x = 0.5 The y-intercept is where x = 0: → 6(0) + 5y - 3 = 0 → 5y = 3 → y = 0.6

If x equals 4 and y equals 1 then 6x plus 5y equals?

x=4 y=1 Therefore, 6x+5y=? Just substitute, and get 6*4+5*1=29

What is the minimum value of 6x plus 5y in the feasible region?

Since there is no feasible region defined, there is no answer possible.

3x plus 5y equals 48 -3x plus 5y equals 12Solve the system of equations Enter your answer as an ordered pair?

3x+5y=48 5y=48-3x-3x+5y=12 -3x+(48-3x)=12-6x=-36x=65y=48-3(6)5y=30y=6(6,6)

What is the answer of 9x 4y -6x - 5y?

That will depend on the plus or minus value of 4y in order to simplify the given expression

What is the slope and the y-intercept of the line given by 6x-5y equals 30?

6x-5y=30 6x-30=5y (6/5)x-6=y Therefore slope = 6/5 y-int = -6

What is 5y plus 5y?

5y + 5y = 10y

What is the answer for 9X 5Y - 3X - 8Y?

6x - 3y