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750*(1.035)3 = 831.538

That is 831.53 if the bank is paying you, 831.54 if you are paying the bank!

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Q: What is 750 with an interest rate for three years at 0.035?
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What is the rate of interest if a certain sum of money at compound interest becomes Rs. 7396 in two years and Rs 7950.7 in three years. find the rate of interest?

The difference between 2 years and 3 years is another addition of the interest. 7396 × (1 + rate/100) = 7950.7 → rate = (7950.7/7396 - 1) × 100 = 7.5 % compounded per year.

How do you calculate effective interest rate of a simple interest of ten per cent for three years?

2(3)(10)/4 = 15%

What is the interest rate to double money in seven years?

If you have an annual interest rate then is 10.405%

What interest rate does Capitol One Bank have?

Capitol One is a credit card, not a bank. All of their credit cards offer an interest rate of 19.8%, except for their Platinum Mastercard. That offers and extremely competitive interest rate of only 5.99% for the first three years.

At what rate of simple interest will the interest on Rs 925 be two-fifth of it in 8 years?

At what rate of simple interest will the interest on Rs.925 be two-fifth of it in 8 years?

150 if invested for three years at a 9 percent interest rate?

$194.25 if interest is compounded annually. A little more if compounded quarterly, monthly, or daily.

What is the formula for finding an interest rate on a 10000 loan paid at the end of three years total paid is 12600?


What is an IRA CD?

its an IRA with a fixed interest rate for some period of time between six months and three years.

What is interest of rs 200000 at the rate of 11.5 percent per annum for 3 years?

Assuming simple interest, you multiply the capital times the interest rate times the number of years.

What are monthly payments on a 14000 car loan?

Depends on your interest rate and the length of the loan... could be one year, two years, three years, etc.

Is the simple interest on 2000 for 2 years is 320 then what is the interest rate?

It is 8%

What is the annual interest rate if i invested 7580 and in 5 years i have 3126.75?

If you invested 7580 and after 5 years you have 3126.75 then the annual interest rate is negative. It is -16.23%.