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750*(1.035)3 = 831.538

That is 831.53 if the bank is paying you, 831.54 if you are paying the bank!

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Q: What is 750 with an interest rate for three years at 0.035?
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What is the rate of interest if a certain sum of money at compound interest becomes Rs. 7396 in two years and Rs 7950.7 in three years. find the rate of interest?

The difference between 2 years and 3 years is another addition of the interest. 7396 × (1 + rate/100) = 7950.7 → rate = (7950.7/7396 - 1) × 100 = 7.5 % compounded per year.

How do you calculate effective interest rate of a simple interest of ten per cent for three years?

2(3)(10)/4 = 15%

What is the interest rate to double money in seven years?

If you have an annual interest rate then is 10.405%

What interest rate does Capitol One Bank have?

Capitol One is a credit card, not a bank. All of their credit cards offer an interest rate of 19.8%, except for their Platinum Mastercard. That offers and extremely competitive interest rate of only 5.99% for the first three years.

At what rate of simple interest will the interest on Rs 925 be two-fifth of it in 8 years?

At what rate of simple interest will the interest on Rs.925 be two-fifth of it in 8 years?

150 if invested for three years at a 9 percent interest rate?

$194.25 if interest is compounded annually. A little more if compounded quarterly, monthly, or daily.

What is the formula for finding an interest rate on a 10000 loan paid at the end of three years total paid is 12600?


What is an IRA CD?

its an IRA with a fixed interest rate for some period of time between six months and three years.

What are monthly payments on a 14000 car loan?

Depends on your interest rate and the length of the loan... could be one year, two years, three years, etc.

What is interest of rs 200000 at the rate of 11.5 percent per annum for 3 years?

Assuming simple interest, you multiply the capital times the interest rate times the number of years.

where can i find a short term cd that yields high interest rate?

Check with your local credit union. Orange CD from ING direct has a short term CD that you can put in 5000 for three years with a 3.24 % interest rate. Other then that bank and credit unions have CD for five years and a lower precentage rate.

Is the simple interest on 2000 for 2 years is 320 then what is the interest rate?

It is 8%