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7 greater than half a number

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Q: What is 7 greater than half a number?
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Related questions

Is half greater or less than 3 over 7?

Half (1/2 or .5) is greater than 3/7 (.429...)

Is 7 eaths greater than half?

If you mean 7/8 then yes it is greater than 1/2

What is a whole number greater than 50 half is less than 30 digits add up to 9?


What is the definition of greater than?

ANY number greater than the number before the greater than, so if the answer is greater than 7 then one solution is 7.00000000000000000000000000000000001

How can you tell just by looking that a fraction is less than or greater that a half?

If the numerator is greater than or less than one half of the denominator. For example, 7/16 is less because 7 is less than half of 16.

What number is greater than -2/5?


Which is a greater number -3 or -7?


Is 7 out of 9 greater than a half?


What divided by 7 is greater than 800?

Any number greater than 800*7 = 5600.

Is 7 thirds less than a half?

7/3 is greater than 1/2

Is 3 over 7 greater than 1 over 2?

No, it is not. Half of 7 would be 3.5, and half of two would be 1. Thus, 3 is less than half of 7 while 1 is exactly half of 2, which means 1/2 is greater than 3/7.

Is 3 over 7 or 7 over 12 greater?

7/12 is greater. Even if you don't work the numbers, you can estimate it. 3 is less than half of 7, 7 is more than half of 12. 7/12 has to be greater. By the numbers, it looks like this: 3/7 = 36/84, 7/12 = 49/84 49 is greater than 36.

Is three seventh greater than one half?

No because half of 7 is 3.5. It is less than one half.

How can you tell by looking at the numerator and the denominator if the fraction is greater than or less than one half?

Find out what half the denominator is and then compare it to the numerator. for example: for 4/7, 3.5 is half of 7 and 4 > 3.5, so 4/7 is greater than one half.

Is 7 over 12 greater than or less than 1 in the half?

7/12 is greater than 1/2 (1/2 = 6/12).

7 greater than or less than -12?


Is the number 7 greater than 0.66?


Which is greater -7 7 3 -3?

Of these four numbers, 7 is the greater one. To help explain it: If the number is a positive number, then the higher the number, the greater the value. But if it's a negative (-) number, then the higher the number, the less the value of it is. Since -7 is the same as 0 minus 7, it would be the least. So that means the 7 would be the greatest number. And the 3 is greater than the -3 and greater than the -7, too.

What is greater than one half and less than three fourths?


Is one half greater than seven twelfths?

No. one half =6/12 which is smaller than 7/12

Is one half greater than seven fifthteenths?

Yes because 7/15ths is less than a half of 15.

Why is -7 greater than 7?

-7 is not greater than 7.

Is the integer number -7 greater than 5?


What is the number if seven less than half of it is 35?

If seven less than half of the number is 35 then 7 plus 35 must be half of the number. 7 + 35 = 42 and if that is half the number the whole number must be 42 x 2, which is 84.

What is the integers greater than -7 but less than -6?

There is no such number.

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